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New Years Resolutions

Well here we are , it is the last day of 2007.  Time to make some resolutions for 2008! I resolve to wear appropriate footwear, with appropriate clothing.  I will not wear my snowmobile boots with shorts (my feet were … Continue reading

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Telephone Communication

The ways that we communicate has changed over the years.  When I was growing up we had a plain old black crank type phone…our number was 12F120, yes I remember the number but can’t remember if that was two shorts and a … Continue reading

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Just Waiting

These days after Christmas seem to be days of waiting..waiting to take down the tree..waiting to clean out the Fridge..waiting to get organized..waiting to put up the new calendar. Perhaps if I wait long enough everything will just take care … Continue reading


Welcome to my blog!

Welcome!  It is another frosty, yet dreary day here in central Minnesota..we are enjoying the unseasonably warm temperatures!   We have a three year old Border Collie named "Chance", he is named thus because we figured at our age he was our … Continue reading