Just Waiting

These days after Christmas seem to be days of waiting..waiting to take down the tree..waiting to clean out the Fridge..waiting to get organized..waiting to put up the new calendar. Perhaps if I wait long enough everything will just take care of itself?  There was that one beautiful vase that has holly on it, I did leave that up last year, and I have a crock that has a poinsetta on one side of it and nothing on the other..I just need to remember to turn it around.  Last year I left all the Christmas Cards and greetings in an old spitoon on the fireplace hearth, it looked a little funny last summer..but hey..maybe I was not done re -reading them all.  This year that may be on my list of New Year’s Resolutions? More on that subject in a few days…I am still waiting to make my list.

In Minnesota we wait for the weather to warm up for many months..then we wait for the last frost…wait because it’s too hot..wait for the cooler Fall weather..seems to me we spend a whole bunch of time waiting here in Minnesota. We must be either a very patient group of people or we are never satisfied..I am still waiting for the verdict to come in on that one.

Waiting… in the Clinic (for me that is the worst)..waiting in line to check in..waiting for them to call your name..all the time germs are just waiting to land on you…waiting in the little exam room..waiting for the Dr…waiting for the diagnosis…waiting for the prescription..waiting to feel better…

Waiting.. to make a left turn in a tourist town in the summer..I will drive a mile out of my way to avoid a left turn.  I plan all of my stops so a left turn can be avoided at all costs..even if it means waiting till Fall to go to the Dairy Queen.

Waiting..remember how you couldn’t wait to be 16..18..21..after 50 the waiting to get older ceases.    I will bet you just can’t wait for my next blog :)

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2 Responses to Just Waiting

  1. pr76 says:

    Thought of this blog again yesterday as I was opening late-arriving holiday greetings. This year I received a few letters and cards from cousins who’ve never sent them our way before, and one letter from an aunt I’ve never connected with before–never even MET! Each greeting included at least a line or two of something meaningful, and was fun to read. What reminded me of this blog was the thought, “They’re late–some are just days late, and others are YEARS late. I’ve been waiting for them, and they’ve all been WORTH waiting for!” ;~)

  2. Far side of Fifty says:

    Hey LJ, I will wait for you to start a blog, that I believe would be worth the wait:)

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