Telephone Communication

The ways that we communicate has changed over the years.  When I was growing up we had a plain old black crank type phone…our number was 12F120, yes I remember the number but can’t remember if that was two shorts and a long, or two longs and a short.  I met the Telephone operator once, she sat in a little room off of the General Store /Post Office, she was quite old, looked cranky, and wore a dress with huge flowers on it. She sat in a chair in front of a big board with lots of wires coming out of it.  It was the days of the Party Line, as I recall 5 or 6 phones were connected on a mutual line, you were only supposed to answer  if your assigned number of short and long rings came through.  If you answered any other time or listened in to anyone else’s conversations it was called Rubbernecking.   Later on we got a regular (remember them?) dial phone, but we still were on the party line, we had to be careful to listen before we dialed, or you could interrupt someones conversation.  I still have a phone with a dial, the Grand kids are amazed, they think it is an Antique…but hey when the power goes out (as it occasionally does when you live in the boonies) I can still use that old dial phone!

My how times have changed….cordless phones always getting misplaced, that never happened when we had phones with cords.  Cell phones…everyone has one except us. Why?  We live in a part of Minnesota where there must be a lot of Iron Ore in the surrounding hills, we can not get Cell Phone reception here.  We had one for a short time, but found it really inconvenient to walk to the end of the Driveway and stand in one particular spot to make a call.  Then came the Trac phone , I purchased one at Wal Mart in Detroit Lakes, thinking that when we were away from home we could use it. have to be able to get a signal to activate it, and so it sits in the Glove compartment. Those were perhaps the most expensive phone calls I never made. 

I used to get quite confused, with all the people talking on their cell phones, in the Grocery Stores etc…then I joined the group… I just pretend I have a cell phone in my hand, hold it up to my ear and talk to myself, heck I even answer myself sometimes and giggle!

Have you noticed that you hardly ever get to talk to a real person on the phone anymore? It is all automated press one or two, listen for options, listen for options again and select, then..your call is important to us ..please wait..your call will be answered in the order it was received…your call is being monitored for quality control purposes and then someone human says.. "Hi this is Happy, How may I help you?"  Well you have to repeat your name, address and phone number again..then Happy says "Please wait while I access your information" ..then the music starts, well you can bet your life savings that it is not going to be the Oldies. I want options for my music…don’t give me that classical junk that is supposed to soothe my frazzled nerves..I want to press one for "I Don’t Get No Satisfaction" press two for "Eve of Destruction" ….then I start praying that the power won’t go out because I am on the cordless phone:)

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    Connie, your story was amusing and yes I can remember many of the things that you wrote about.
    Keep up the good work.

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