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Far guy purchased an over sized Orange Wheelbarrow for me as a birthday gift back about 1988…give or take a year or two.. It is one of those gifts that just keeps on giving..I used it at the lake to … Continue reading

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This and That

Well, were greeted this morning with temperatures of -24, luckily it is not real’s one of those days ..if you have to go out and you still look like a fashion statement..your gonna freeze part of your body off…and how glamorous is … Continue reading

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Bunco Online

My daughter introduced me to Bunco online..she called one day and said "Hey, Mom lets play!" It is easy to play, you can chat with others if you want too.. The acronyms are easy to learn..GL is good luck…TY is … Continue reading


Asleep in 1977?

1977….I had a two year old and a five year we were into Nursery Rhymes..and looking for that prize in the bottom of the cracker-jack box. I must have totally missed the "Hard Rock" phase…looking for a ruby in a pile … Continue reading

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Losing Your Marbles

I collect them..and even have a special marble decorated jar for my special ones…friends give me marbles as gifts…the grand kids love to look at them. This past year our oldest daughter, husband and girls ages 11, 9 and 8 … Continue reading



Laundry..everyone has it..some more than others ..and we all have our ways of doing it..but my way is the only way.. I sort..white..lights..darks..jeans..light colored towels..dark towels…sheets…never should one load mix with any of the others…everything from the dryer gets hung … Continue reading

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Recession is Confusing

Well,  we are more than likely in a recession..the confusing thing about a recession is you really don’t know for sure until most of it is over.  Well I plan to do my part..confusing as it may seem.. I will do … Continue reading

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Living in the “Sticks”

Living in the "sticks" or the "boonies" is not for everyone…but for a few of us there is no other place like it.. We live off of a dirt is dusty in the summer, slippery in the winter, muddy in … Continue reading


Breakfast Cereal

When I was little ..a long time ago in the 50’s…The only breakfast cereal I knew about was cooked and called porridge.  Porridge was Oatmeal, Cream of Wheat or Malt-o-Meal…then there was something called "Ferena".. I am not even sure … Continue reading



Respect…an action that shows that you care for someone. This can be a handshake…a bow or a curtsy…a "Salute"….or what I consider the highest of respect a "21 Gun Salute". Standing in a cold snowy Graveyard the sounds of the … Continue reading

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