Breakfast Cereal

When I was little ..a long time ago in the 50’s…The only breakfast cereal I knew about was cooked and called porridge.  Porridge was Oatmeal, Cream of Wheat or Malt-o-Meal…then there was something called "Ferena".. I am not even sure of it’s correct spelling…and then the famous "I want my Maypo".    I did learn to eat all kinds of porridges… with a dab of butter (butter makes everything better)..a little sugar and some milk on it…however it is not one of those experiences that I long to rediscover. 

Luckily I lived on a farm…so we had eggs..I love the taste of brown eggs..yes, they do taste different than the white ones.  Brown eggs have a richer, more full bodied eggy flavor…the yolks are usually much darker in color..but smaller than normal yolks.  Can’t find any of those good old brown eggs very often any more.

Well back to the Cereal..I simply never learned to eat the packaged dry breakfast cereals..because they were too expensive.  My parents never purchased breakfast in a box, ready-to-eat cereal..instead they purchased lots of porridges…I still shudder when I think of the warmish…slightly slimy..oatmeal..getting stuck on my very large tonsils and choking me..nope ..those days of rediscovery are over for me..even though the large tonsils are long gone..the vivid memory remains:)


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2 Responses to Breakfast Cereal

  1. HighGal says:

    The first time I ever TRIED Cream of Wheat was at 4-H camp — it was pretty blah, but it filled me up. I do like hot oatmeal with brown sugar sprinkled on top. And the flavors they make today aren’t too bad!

  2. Abra La Mente says:

    I also grew up on hot cereal, but I absolutely love it. Farina was my least favorite, with Ralston my favorite. However, I love them all now and would take them any day over cold cereal, which we were fortunate to get one or two days a week (whatever was on sale, but usually Post Toasties or Prairie Maid puffed wheat).

    In my seventh grade home economics class, we learned to make Cream of Wheat parfaits and Chocolate Malto Meal/Cocoa Wheats sundaes. I didn’t try the parfaits, which I believe was hot cream of wheat layered with strawberries and whipped cream. I still enjoy the delicious taste of a Cocoa Wheats sundae…hot cocoa wheats with a scoop or two of vanilla ice cream. Unfortunately, now that the delicious memories have been brought forth, I am without vanilla ice cream and Cocoa Wheats.

    Thanks for the flashback.:-)

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