Recession is Confusing

Well,  we are more than likely in a recession..the confusing thing about a recession is you really don’t know for sure until most of it is over. 

Well I plan to do my part..confusing as it may seem..

I will do no unnecessary shopping..I abhor necessary shopping..and will be willing to give that up too if that’s what it takes.

Get rid of my credit card debt….easy one.. when you don’t like shopping you have no credit card debt.

Don’t change jobs..piece of cake…too much trouble shopping for a new wardrobe anyway.  Not many people want to hire cranky old women anyway.

Movies ..guess I am giving them up for good..I will wait for them to come on TV.  I did see one of the "Harry Potter" films in the movie theatre..before that.. maybe "Steel Magnolia’s" or "Dances with Wolves"..both good flicks..but I could have waited.

I am giving up whole pieces of paper and post-its…I will use the back of envelopes and any partially blank pieces of junk mail for my notes and odd ball scribblings…

I will save all potato chip remnants for hotdish toppings, and never allow another bread bag out of the house until it has been used a minimum of six times…

While visiting friends I will refrain from searching their furniture for loose least while they are looking….

Last but not least..I will limit consumption of black licorice to every other day.. hopefully… I will be able to remember what day I am on..

Thank you to all my faithful readers, I appreciate everyone of you, feel free to leave me comments!   I was brought to tears with  Bemidji Mikes Blog (The view from this side of the lake) yesterday about his faithful friend "Cody" a very touching tribute to man’s best friend:( 

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  1. East Side Professor says:

    The big question then, is are you giving up buy scrapbooking paper?

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