Laundry..everyone has it..some more than others ..and we all have our ways of doing it..but my way is the only way..

I sort..white..lights..darks..jeans..light colored towels..dark towels…sheets…never should one load mix with any of the others…everything from the dryer gets hung up or folded may take awhile to find it’s way out of the laundry room..but it is ready to go..

Far Guy sorts all of his laundry into the appropriate he even unrolls all of his time I washed and dried them in the little balls in which they were presented to me…he was dismayed when he had to unroll them to put them on…from then on he unrolls his socks for me.

Years ago when he worked days and I worked nights..we shared laundry duties..however his share included taking clothes from the dryer and physically stomping then down in the basket..leaving all my good blouses really wrinkled.  I was mad as a hornet..and told him to leave my blankety..blank laundry alone..he did and continues to do so.  Do you suppose he wrinkled those blouses on purpose thirty years ago?  I was the one fooled I big mouth got me a thirty plus year laundry sentence with no possibility of parole..or time off for good behavior :)

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