Losing Your Marbles

I collect them..and even have a special marble decorated jar for my special ones…friends give me marbles as gifts…the grand kids love to look at them.

This past year our oldest daughter, husband and girls ages 11, 9 and 8 moved in with us for ten months..needless to say our lifestyle changed in many ways.

The girls struggled with the move and a new school..missing their friends..picking on each other, and hitting each other..so…I implemented the marble system….

Sunday night they each got five marbles in a ziplock bag…if they lost all their marbles they lost computer, TV and phone privileges.  At the end of the week we would have a "marble meeting"..each marble was worth a dollar.

They were responsible for feeding their dogs and cat, putting away their laundry, helping with meals, dishes and general housekeeping..and they could not hit each other or pick on each other.   Extraordinary behavior could be rewarded with an extra dollar at the marble meeting.

The girls did great..they lost a marble here and there..mainly for just walking up to one of their sisters and popping them one on the arm in front of Grandma.  The tears would flow when they lost a marble..but they learned..and no one ever lost all of their marbles…and it helped Grandma to keep most of hers:)

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2 Responses to Losing Your Marbles

  1. pr76@wcta.net says:

    Thanks for sharing the details of your system! So often I get the system but get lost trying to think up the details…

  2. carrielt says:

    That’s a really good idea.

    My husband’s gma collects marbles for him. The scary thing is she can tell us exactly when and where she got them. She has given him old John Deere marbles that are worth a lot of $$$.

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