Asleep in 1977?

1977….I had a two year old and a five year we were into Nursery Rhymes..and looking for that prize in the bottom of the cracker-jack box.

I must have totally missed the "Hard Rock" phase…looking for a ruby in a pile of rocks…

Carter was President. Minnesota had a fairly good year as Walter Mondale was Vice President, Miss Minnesota, Dorothy Benham became Miss America and the Vikings went to the Super Bowl.  Gas was sixty-five cents a gallon, a postage stamp was thirteen cents, Bing Crosby and Elvis died, and Seattle Slew won the Kentucky Derby.

My taste in music….Margarittaville by Jimmy Buffet, Lucille by Kenny Rogers, Hotel California by The Eagles and Muskrat Love by The Captain and Tennille…all great songs that you never really forget.

I did not recall a song about..the snow really piling up outside..tired of words..crying icicles instead of tears..I guess I just totally missed Meatloaf, and how on a dare he allowed a Volkswagen to roll over his head, thus earning his nickname after a friend said "He must have meatloaf for brains." Well who woulda thunk it?  I want you..I need you..but there ain’t no way I’m ever going to love you..don’t be sad..two out of three ain’t bad..

An old friend who obviously was not asleep in 1977, or searching for a prize in a cracker-jack box or looking for a ruby in a pile of rocks sent us the You Tube Video of Meatloaf  "Two out of Three ain’t bad" . He titled the e-mail "Good song for a cold night"..he was right..we have enjoyed that video together over the past few weeks as we rediscover something we missed back in 1977:)

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  1. Abra La Mente says:

    And here I thought he was named Meatloaf because he ate too much of it–sure looked that way. Sure loved the music, and wasn’t asleep that year, as I had six years ahead of me before the parenting gig started. Another great flashback.

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