Bunco Online

My daughter introduced me to Bunco online..she called one day and said "Hey, Mom lets play!" It is easy to play, you can chat with others if you want too..

The acronyms are easy to learn..GL is good luck…TY is thank you..NB is nice bunco (rolling three of a kind in the round you are in)..NT is nice trips (rolling three of a kind of a different round)..GG is good game.

One of the advantages of playing Bunco online is you don’t have to have eleven other friends in order to play.  You don’t have to go any place..or host..or shop for prizes..or clean your house..or come up with a fantastic new desert to serve..or keep score..or act your age.   I have learned that most of the players are women and most of them are between the ages of fifty and sixty…and most of them have a sense of humor..so I fit right in!!

Some of the acronyms used are a challenge to figure out..HILIACACLO is Help I Lapsed Into a Coma and Can’t Log Off..ROFLAPMP is Rolling On Floor Laughing And Peed My Pants..SCOMK is Spitting Coke On My Keyboard..WDALYIC is Who Died And Left You In Charge…

Ah yes, the things we do to keep ourselves entertained on very cold evenings in Minnesota…hope you have not had a SOHF and I will SYS…..:)

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3 Responses to Bunco Online

  1. Farguy says:


  2. HighGal says:

    OK, I’ll bite — what’s SOHF? SYS is See You Soon. BRB is Be Right Back… I’ve learned a few, but I haven’t seen SOHF. Have you played Jeopardy online? It’s fun, too.

  3. Far Side of Fifty says:

    Hi Gail,SOHF is Sense of Humor Failure! No I have not tried the Jeopardy..maybe later today..cold enough I will try just about anything different!

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