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Leap Day

Well, happy leap day!  More importantly Happy Birthday to all the "Leaplings" out there.In Norway this is a big day for Heidi, Olav, and Leif-Martin the Henrikson siblings all born on Feburary29, in the years 1960, 1964 and 1968 respectively.   … Continue reading


A Name Spelled Differently

Yesterday, a fellow blogger, Highlight of My Day, made me feel so guilty with her rant… That I felt compelled to share my story…When we first discovered that I was pregnant with our first child, we picked out two names, … Continue reading


Frozen Oranges

Gosh, it has been years since I thought about one of my favorite snacks…the good old Frozen Orange.  I would take an entire orange and throw it in the freezer, take it out an hour or two later and then … Continue reading

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Road Hazards

Well, I got a crack in my windshield…probably a rock from a gravel truck..and with the really cold weather..the crack grew and grew.  Far Guy delivered my car for a replacement this soon as he got back (they gave … Continue reading


Internet Reading

Well Good Morning all! Minnesota is enjoying some unseasonably warm temperatures… and with those temperatures and a little mood has improved considerably…..maybe..Far Guy was talking to his Sister last night on the phone. she likes to read, but does … Continue reading

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Did you know, that the game we know as Bingo was originally known as the game of Right?  You won by making Right.  I have some old Right Cards upstairs someplace…I like Bingo, the earliest memories I have of the … Continue reading

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School Bus Safety

This past week four children were killed in a school bus accident in Minnesota.  On Monday, February 25, 2008 Minnesota State Representatives will discuss a school bus safety bill.  From what I have read the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration … Continue reading

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Parking Spots

I have my favorite parking spots out and about the few places that I go.  I like to park in the same exact spot every time at the grocery store, and if that spot is occupied I go to my … Continue reading


Blog On

Alrighty then… this is how it works… at least for me.  Sometimes I have absolutely no idea what I am going to blog about.  Sometimes I write the entire blog in my mind in the middle of the night when … Continue reading

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Bald is Sexy

Well Far Guy went partially bald many, many years ago…he was going and going..finally he just said to heck with it and went totally bald.  He now shaves his head..personally I like the totally bald look, I think it makes … Continue reading

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