Bald is Sexy

Well Far Guy went partially bald many, many years ago…he was going and going..finally he just said to heck with it and went totally bald.  He now shaves his head..personally I like the totally bald look, I think it makes him look younger and sexy!   He does use a lot of razor blades tho..and yes he does shave his head every night.
 The first time he shaved his head, we were spending the winter in Florida..and he did it on a dare from me.  Well his Sister and his Mother had a cow.  His Mother said if he ever did that to his head again she would never speak to him again.  Well, she has been deceased for just about two years now, and that’s about how long Far Guy has been totally bald. 
 One day he went outside with the hair clipper..just he and "Chance" must have been a guy thing..cause I was not invited.  "Chance" was quite interested,  but you suppose he thought he was next?  Anyway, I was called into action near the end to help obliterate some hairs that were just a tad stubborn.  Then it was on to the razor..low and behold his head was white…hair must be a good sunscreen.  He said he wasn’t going ANYPLACE until he got a little sun and the skin tones evened out.  It was a little funny..his head was really, really white..except on top where he had been bald for years. 
Occasionally he has some relapses, he wants hair on some small part of his head he lets it grow..but only for a few days..I am not sure if it is the itchy part or the grey part that causes him to shave it all off again:)

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  1. homd says:

    I loved your blog today! Omigosh, the HighGuy shaved his head to prove to me that what he had left on top was NOT a combover. The little bit he had did grow back. He looked mighty silly for a while. “Vanity, thy name is Man.”

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