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Alrighty then… this is how it works… at least for me.  Sometimes I have absolutely no idea what I am going to blog about.  Sometimes I write the entire blog in my mind in the middle of the night when I can’t sleep.  Sometimes I remember what the blog was about and sometimes it is gone forever.  Sometimes it is a news article that sparks some deep down forgotten memory or idea.  Sometimes it is just an inanimate object that speaks to me..and says "Well, you have an opinion on everything else. but do you actually have an opinion about me?"  Sometimes ideas flit in and out of my mind so fast..that I forget what they are.  Sometimes a blog idea will be an omen..that’s pretty scary. Sometimes someone will send me an email, and it will evoke a feeling or a curiosity about something. Sometimes when I read someone else’s blog..I have a similar or different opinion.  Sometimes I just sit and type..sometimes I grab my note book and look at my very disorganized bunch of ideas. Sometimes I just get stuck… and will write an entire blog..get frustrated with it and backspace thru the entire thing….
 Sometimes when I am watching Television, I scribble ideas and thoughts into my trusty old notebook.  Sometimes I think my ideas flow right out of the end of the pen.
Sometimes I actually think my mind is so totally overloaded that I must release some of it’s energy into a blog, so that it has room for new ideas and topics.   Sometimes I think that I blog, so that in twenty years or less when I am dead and gone..the Grandchildren will be able to access the information and learn more about me.  Sometimes I blog because I am a frustrated writer.   Sometimes I blog..just because I want to share something..maybe someone will smile or maybe someones day will be a little better.  I must blog because I made it one of my New Year’s Resolutions…
 I can multi-task, which for me is watching TV, and writing in my notebook during the commercials, and reading a book.  I can read more than one book at a time, but I prefer to keep focused on just one.  Kind of like my blogs, one at a time. Yesterday I spent the majority of the day printing out my blogs and comments, so that my Parent’s could read them, My Father loves to read and I am sure that he will share his point of view on my thoughts.  Argue with me, might be a better way to put it, as we do go round and round about opinions,   My mother is not a reader, she likes to sew and quilt…but she may read it..we will see:)

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  1. susan says:

    Hey I know you, and after all these years I still find you to me remarkable, likeable,and a pretty cool old broad. You’ve help me through bad times, with humor and wisdom. So keep on blogging on it helps to know there is at least a few more sane people out there.

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