Parking Spots

I have my favorite parking spots out and about the few places that I go.  I like to park in the same exact spot every time at the grocery store, and if that spot is occupied I go to my second favorite spot, or third or fourth…whatever it takes.   I usually mumble to myself "Who said they could drive on my road today anyway, much less use my favorite parking spot."   Far Guy does not understand this parking spot thing.  Any old spot will do for him.   One day he got on my last nerve and we had words about the parking spots.  I explained..I park on the right side of any grocery cart stand..why? because my hatch on my vehicle swings to the right and after I have unloaded the groceries it is easy for me to just push that shopping cart into it’s home and close the hatch and be on my way.   I do not enjoy traipsing across any parking lot, usually covered with snow or ice to take a cart to it’s home.  I never just push the cart into another parking spot and drive off.  The grocery store was nice enough to provide the cart, the least I can do is to leave it in an appropriate place. Far Guy was persuaded to come over to my way of thinking..and now he always asks me "Honey, your usual spot is taken, is this one ok?" And I usually reply "I guess it will have to do"  after all I am a reasonable woman…sometimes..
I hate struggling with grocery carts anyway,  the other day I got stuck with one with a squeaky wheel, nearly drove me nuts, but a squeaky wheel I can live with…it’s those carts with the bad wheel that won’t turn half the time, leaving black marks on the floor, and then being impossible to push in the parking lot that I really hate.  So from now on, after the squeaky wheel episode, I am going to test drive several carts before actually choosing one.  I must remember to tell Far Guy about this new cart rule….
At the neighborhood convenience store/post office..I never park in front..I always park along the side..why?  In the past ten years there has been a number of accidents at the front of the store, because you must back into 30 MPH traffic to leave.  I like to actually face the traffic as I leave the side lot, instead of backing into it.  A bad accident happened there one day shortly after I left..maybe that has something to do with it. 
We have center and curb parking in Park Rapids, the curb parking is a real adventure in the summertime, you must almost have 360 degree vision to escape your parking spot, if you were stupid enough to park next to a SUV or a Pickup Truck you may be there a while. You can however use the reflections in the huge plate glass windows to help you decide when it may be safe to back least your chances are better than just closing your eyes, backing up and hoping for the best:)

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2 Responses to Parking Spots

  1. Judy A says:

    The window trick works pretty well for those of us with challenged depth perception. Nothing like actually watching the reflections in the store windows to see how close you are getting to the car behind yours.:)

  2. Judy A says:

    The window trick works like a charm. There’s nothing so handy when backing up as watching the reflection of your car in the store windows to see how close you are to the car behind yours!:)

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