Road Hazards

Well, I got a crack in my windshield…probably a rock from a gravel truck..and with the really cold weather..the crack grew and grew.  Far Guy delivered my car for a replacement this soon as he got back (they gave him a loaner) they called and said the windshield they ordered has a big chip in it so it will be a day or two.
Quality control must have been asleep…
One time Far Guy got a crack in his windshield from  wayward sugar beet’s falling off of a also made some nasty dents in his hood.   One time I was driving in the Cities  (where there are more than two cars on the road at the same time) It was raining, and I was behind a landscape truck and trailer..huge rolls of sod came off of that trailer..It was a good thing I was following him at a safe distance.   Then there were the bales of hay that came sliding off one day…the other day I noticed two of those huge round bales of hay in the ditch..when those come rolling at is a really loud "OH S**T"
Our Daughter, Jen had a cracked windshield one time, and we kept telling her to get it fixed..she did,  but only after the windshield collapsed in on her while she was driving…. it was a very scary experience for her.  Now if that had happened to me last week when it was 32 below zero I would have been frozen solid or been freeze dried before I got home.
Far Guy says that the weirdest road hazard he has seen …was a was bigger than the little Geo Metro he was driving..
One time when we were on vacation in Wyoming..a shirt became a road hazard..apparently when we drove over became tangled in our exhaust and heated up and started on FIRE…who would have thunk it…a very scary shirt:)
Do you have a road hazard story, if so please share’s easy.. just click on comments, put in your name or nickname, type in your reply, and then put the two words in the box in the area provided and submit it..

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2 Responses to Road Hazards

  1. homd says:

    The one I recall was on our honeymoon. We were taking the in-laws’ van to Glacier National Park. While we were goggling at the little crosses along the road where people had died, a flock of birds popped up and we caught more than a couple of them with the windshield and the aerial. The birds were bigger than sparrows, but I don’t recall what they were. (Dontcha love feedback!)

  2. susan says:

    Lets see there was the time two semis were passing each other around a curve down hill and just before a bridge when we came upon them, yea that was spooky, Then there was the time a boat and trailor let loose and rolled backwards towards us on the 94 off ramp, yikes. Of course there was the red suburban who ran a stop sign going about 50 that my husband slammed on breaks and the guy missed us maybe by and inch. Oh and two weeks ago on an icy curve 2 deer came out of ditch in front of us and we took them and the ditch, that was a heart stopper. ect….

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