A Name Spelled Differently

Yesterday, a fellow blogger, Highlight of My Day, made me feel so guilty with her rant… That I felt compelled to share my story…
When we first discovered that I was pregnant with our first child, we picked out two names, Christy for a girl and Travis for a boy.  Both nice names that are easily spelled… simple..end of story..not quite..Far Guys sister insisted that the name Christy was exclusively hers, and we could not use it.  She never did use the name Christy for a first name or a middle name…

 Well, I thought I was having a boy anyway, and his name would be Travis.   One day Far Guy said "What if we have a girl, what will we name her?..you know I have always wished for two little girls?"  I told him to "Get over it" as I was positive I was producing a son.  Well, when he asked me the "What if" question I was reading a "True Story"  (remember them?) the heroine in the story I was reading was named Tricia..so we just tweaked the spelling a bit and picked the name Trica for our girls name.  Note that it is spelled

                        T-R-I-C-A  not Tricia, not Trisha not even Patricia.

Well low and behold Far Guy got the first part of his wish for two girls.   The Doc seemed a bit confused after he announced "It’s a girl" and I asked him if he was sure…like he wasn’t required to check twice…  Far Guy was so happy that I was wrong he would have named her Travis if I had insisted.  So he entered the name Trica Gene on all the appropriate forms.  I should have been clued into a problem when the lady with the clipboard showed up twice to make sure of the spelling.  I must have been suffering from some sort of Post Partum malady as I confirmed the spelling yet again.
Well no one spells it correctly..except for me, Far Guy, her sister (yes, Far Guys wish was fulfilled) and her Grandparents.  All of her teachers have struggled with it, she used to get really upset when no one would spell it correctly.  When she was a teenager she found out that she could get her name changed legally, and she was saving up to be renamed Heather or Breann or something like that… She finally decided that it was just not worth the effort and resolved herself to being just Trish.
Recently I visited her at work, and pointed out the misspelling of her name..she replied "Thanks to you Mother"
So yes, from time to time I do feel quilty that I spelled her name a tad different,  but she is her own unique individual, with her own unique name…sometimes that’s a good thing:)

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2 Responses to A Name Spelled Differently

  1. East Side Professor says:

    Phew, sounds like a got away easy, I could have had only one “n” in my name.

  2. susan says:

    Yea I spelled our Chadd with two d’s because my husband insisted on, Chad and there were already two in the nursery, and I wanted him to have his own identiy. Caused a lot of confusion but he told me the other day he like it, so one less thing for me to feel guilty about.

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