The Good Towels

Why do we have stuff that is too good to use? 
My Mother has seven "good towels" in her bathroom, two not so good, and one you can actually use folded neatly near the sink.  Mom has always had good towels.  Shortly after they finished building the house at the lake, she went towel shopping.  She purchased a set of white towels with tiny pink and blue flowers…and proudly displayed them above the tub.  I recall her dismay when they were used by some little boys who did a quick wash in the sink, quick enough to moisten all the dirt which in turn was deposited on her beautiful white towels. 
I don’t have any too good to use towels, I don’t have any towels that could remotely be called a "set" of towels. You know the ones with a bath towel, hand towel and a wash cloth all of the same color or print.  I have two categories of towels..light and dark colored. The last time I had a whole set, was in 1969.  I am still working on wearing out all those hand towels that we got as Wedding gifts, the bath towels and wash cloths are long gone..but the hand towels remain. Maybe one of these days I should make rags out of them and then go out and celebrate and get a matching set:)

Far Guy Update: He located a gentleman in Park Rapids that has had Trigeminal Neuralgia for over twenty years.  He goes in and out of remissions.  So Far Guy has remission on his mind, and told me this morning that he thought he was going into a remission.  I burst out laughing, if it were only so simple ..just announce it.. and it may happen.  He is getting quite lax with his pain diary and medication log.  I keep reminding him that this information is important.   He wants too wean himself back to two pills a day…so he is taking two pills one day, and three the next.  He has had three good days in a row now, knock on wood or Far Guys head. 

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2 Responses to The Good Towels

  1. HOMD says:

    Yep, I’ve made it my mission to use stuff like those towels “for good.” I started setting the table for Easter with the “good” china — why let it collect dust in the sideboard? And then my husband reminded me we were going to my mother’s. Rats. My mom did offer to let me set the table at her house. :)

  2. Abra La Mente says:

    I’m with you…no matching sets of towels, not even on company days. I am somewhat eclectic in my collections, not matchy-matchy. Personally, when I entertain, which isn’t very often these days, I love to pull out the “good dishes,” while everyone else thinks paper would be fine. My “good dishes” are a relatively inexpensive collection that does not necessarily match. There is a matching china set bought in my early marriage at a closeout sale, various flea market finds, with a few antiques in the mix. When I bring a dish to share, presentation is half of it, so I deliver on a nice platter or a pretty glass bowl–no tupperware for me. My food is almost always gone..even if it is sitting next to a nearly identical kind of food…it just looks better. 😉

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