Silver Hairs

Silver hairs, that’s what Far Guy and I call our neighbors that live over on the lake.  They are all people from other areas of the country. They wanted to retire up here in "God’s Country."  They chose to live on the lake and pay the really high property taxes.  What silver hairs do best is get together and complain. The men get together every morning, the women get together only on Tuesdays. The silver haired men must have imposed this rule on their silver haired women, too little control over their women must show weakness.  Their other meeting areas are the Clinic, Hospital, and occasionally a Golf Course.  They belong to every local organization that will accept them.   Silver hairs are not happy with their lives, they don’t like the dirt road and wish it were paved.  If it were paved then it would match up with their perfectly paved driveways in their perfectly paved lives.
   Most of them have big city idea’s on how to improve the area.  If it was so bad, and needed to be changed so drastically, why did they move here?  I thought they wanted to live in "God’s Country" but it seems all they want to do is change it.
 The silver hairs, put out corn and feed for the deer and the turkeys most of the winter.  Then come spring the deer and turkeys that have been welcome all winter are not welcome anymore.   In the summer they like to feed the Canadian Geese, but only on their terms, they want to feed them but don’t want the geese to poop on their lake shore, or their perfectly manicured lawns.  One time I suggested that they require all the geese that they feed to wear diapers.  They want to watch the Loons out on the lake, but the Loons should stay out of the way of their speedboats.  The Eagle is beautiful and magnificent, until they watch the Eagles snaring good sized Northerns and Walleyes.  I think that the Eagles just want to get even with the silver hairs:)

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One Response to Silver Hairs

  1. susan says:

    I’m glad my hair is only has a few white streaks, will I be ok in your thoughts, just a kidding, and I know that I’ll barely be able to feed my husband and me when we retire,and who has gas money for speedboats. My husband thinks that my learning to row the boat a little faster would be benificial to my health and his pocket book. In my retirement I’ll enjoy my dirt road keeps the reletives away, they don’t like getting their cars dirty. I do agree that there are a lot of people out there complaining with silver hair, it must be what keeps them alive I guess.

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