Windy Confusion

"A tree tries to argue, bare limbs waving, but there is no detaining the wind"—-Aldo Leopold

The wind was howling and growling all through the night.   How do I know this?  It kept me awake all night long….
Where has the wind been and where is it going so fast?  It roars across the prairie, into the woods where it is captured like a rabbit in a trap, skirting around the naked oaks, hitting the edge of the house, whirling and whistling its way into a long lonely howl.
 These long angry waves of wind noise assault my senses and scare my usually brave dog.  The wind has robbed him of his bravery.  He finds refuge and safety under my feet at the computer, a fluffy foot warmer.   But who will keep me safe?   I am uneasy..perhaps this it what the dog senses.
This morning the wind has dulled to a small roar, the snow is littered with Burr Oak branches, some of which have been violently stabbed into the hard crusty snow banks like heavenly daggers that have gone violently to their death in the snow.
Is it the last of winter?  It is a day early to be the Lion going out of March…maybe the wind is just confused.  Was the wind announcing the death of Winter or the birth of Spring…Nope… old man winter will probably bring us more snow.  Now that’s something I haven’t had enough of and wait for with great anticipation..yeah right. Then I thought..hey we had that extra day in February this year…maybe it was really the Lion :)

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One Response to Windy Confusion

  1. Kay Syvrud says:

    Our home sits atop a high hill in east of the FM area (where the hills began) and the night of high winds made it sound like the house was going to fall apart. The wind absolutely assaulted the soffits under the eaves and kept me awake from the loud noises being produced by the house shaking in the wind.

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