Earthquake Report

The Earthquake last Friday in Illinois was felt by people in Indiana. It was a 5.2 quake. Far Guy talked with his sister, she lives in southern Indiana. She said that they were awakened by a sound like a car hitting their house, and their Grandfather Clock gonging out of sequence. They went back to sleep, and later their daughter told them that it was an earthquake. Far Guy was relieved to hear from his sister, he had visions of their house ending up in the lake.
Closer to the quake on Friday, were our friends Sue and Joe, they live in west central Indiana. Joe said "It felt like ocean waves just went under the house and gently swayed it." Sue was at work and reported that her work station and chair started to quiver, she thought it might have been a co-worker playing a prank. She didn’t believe it was a quake until her very upset daughter said she had been asleep and it nearly rolled her out of bed.
Everyone reports that they slept through the early morning quake on Monday, that one was a 4.0.
We don’t have many earthquakes in Minnesota. I have felt the earth shake but only when my brother moves his really big "Cat" down our road, the huge tracks set up quite a vibration in the ground. It’s loud, and will wake you up! That’s probably close enough to an earthquake for me…any thing more and I would probably dirty my drawers….
Minnesota has only had 19 Earthquakes since the 1860’s :)

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  1. Farguy says:

    I woke up one night to the bed shaking and a low rumble, but it was Far Side snoring.

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