A Visitor

  Chance and Snoopy

Chance has had company the past two mornings.  He is usually very vigilant and aware of his surroundings.  Using his big boy voice when anything approaches his yard.  Well he has a friend, "Snoopy"..they run around outside, around and around the house they go.  Chance does not bark at Snoopy, there is no growling or yipping ..they just run..and take turns chasing each other, and resting on the patio.   Snoopy is a male dog, who has been neutered, he belongs to Dave, an elderly, physically handicapped gentleman who lives where we used to live on the lake.  Dave is not destitute, he could afford a doggy door and a fenced in area for his dog. Yet… he allows his wandering dog to roam free.
Yesterday Far Guy let them play for awhile, then he went out and said "Lets go for a ride boys" they both hopped into the truck and Snoopy was delivered home safely. 
I don’t particularly like the idea of Far Guy being a Taxi Service for dogs.  I don’t particularly like the idea that he takes Chance along on this Taxi trip.  So this morning I will insist that Chance stay home with me. 
I love dogs, but I don’t like a dog that leaves his home…to me that means something is wrong.  Chance knows where his boundaries are, and yes he has messed up, he is not perfect, he has left his yard.  One time he was in the field across the highway (brought back by a neighbor.)  Since that time, if he leaves his yard, he spends some time tied to the tree right outside the door.  He hates being tied up to that tree.   So now as an older and hopefully wiser dog..he will not leave home.
Perhaps I just don’t want to give Snoopy the benefit of the doubt.  You see he comes from questionable origins.  He comes from a lady across the lake, that has many, many, dogs…..a collector.  She has many different breeds of dogs, none of which are spayed or neutered as she believes doing so robs them of their natural instincts.  Dave purchased Snoopy from her, as have several other people in the area..by doing so they enable her to continue her "business."   I do not like this lady, I have never met her, I do not want to ever meet her. I would never be able to keep my big mouth shut, I would probably use some very nasty unlady like words.  I pity the animals in her care (if you can call it that), personally I think she is the lowest of the low:(
It started to rain, Chance laid down in front of the door..and Snoopy left..hopefully for home.

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2 Responses to A Visitor

  1. Kay Syvrud says:

    I enjoyed your blog about the two dog friends…although the “neighbor boy” is slightly naughty in running away from home and coming to your house! Dogs do love to play with each other. My only opportunity now to watch dogs at play are when “grand-doggers” Otto and Jobie get together at our house at holidays and have a good romp with each other. I still miss my “Mac” (our Border Collie who died at age 15 1/2)
    I have a grand-bunny also…..Lewis, the rabbit but he is mostly called “Bunners” and is a beautiful gray mini-Rex rabbit owned by my son’s family in St Cloud. His “kids” love him so much!!! And he loves to cuddle on laps and get petted.

  2. Abra La Mente says:

    You really can’t fault Snoopy for wanting to come hang out at the cool dog’s house. 😉

    As far as the “breeder,” it is hard to understand what makes them tick, and while I really don’t hate people, I do get frustrated with continued breeding when so many dogs do not get good homes, as it is.

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