When in the world is it going to stop snowing in Minnesota, well hey to be really truthful with you all… I just want it to stop in the Eastern part of Becker County where I live.  The rest of you can suffer…
I have not seen my brother in a few days.  I bet he is a cheerful happy sort..he wants to get to the spring work of moving dirt and installing septic systems, and making some money…it has been a long winter.  The last time it snowed, just a few days ago, I called and left him a message "It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas" I instructed his wife to deliver the message anonymously.  But he is a very smart guy, who recognized his smart mouthed sisters remark.  If it snows too much he may have to be sedated… til it stops.  I kid you not, he takes spring snows with no sense of humor what so ever.  Oh well what’s another 6 to 12 inches of snow ..this could go on for another few weeks.  I do have some pictures taken on May Day in 1954 that are proof of May Day snows.  I will post those on May 1st!!

My Father stopped by just a bit ago.  he was looking for my brother, to "harass" him about the coming snow.  On Easter morning my Father gets his inside weather information, he notes his findings just before dawn.  His forecast this year was for a cold, wet, snowy spring.  So far he is correct.  This morning he also went out on a limb, and said it will rain for two weeks solid, and we may freeze every month this year.  So much for uplifting cheerful news…. oh the potato farmers are busy planting potatoes but stopped due to the falling temperatures.

There was a story in the Detroit Lakes paper..two cows in Becker County died from Anthrax.  Anthrax is preventable by a vaccine, is this a sign of the not vaccinating their it a cost issue..or was it just overlooked?  I am not too concerned about does live in the soil for years.  If you are a gardener, you should be aware that this bacteria can enter your skin through a cut or abrasion.  Wear gloves when you work in the soil.  Cutaneous Anthrax  will look like an insect bite, that develops into an ulcer that turns black in the center.  It is rare…. 
A few Greenhouses are open in town, I am sure that the forecasted snow will bring the customers out in droves.  It is still TOO EARLY to buy plants.  It is still to early to start seedlings in your house…you can’t safely plant around here till Memorial Day weekend anyway.  We are going to start a few tomato plants..just not quite yet.  It is probably OK to plant potatoes and onions in your garden ..unless we get lots of rain.  Plants are peculiar, they like warm soil and sunshine…a lot like me:)

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3 Responses to Snow AGAIN?

  1. HOMD says:

    Oh, that’s a sure sign of spring — when the greenhouses pop up in every parking lot in town! Spring can’t be too far away!

  2. Grumpy Brother says:

    Bah Humbug!!!!

  3. Abra La Mente says:

    This is getting old. I do remember some heavy May snows when I was still living at home, where the lilacs were in full bloom. The branches were bent to the ground with the weight of snow.

    The year we bought our house, in April ’84, we came to look at it on one of the last days of April, in a snowstorm. That had been a year of many snowstorms from October ’83 through to late spring ’84.

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