Lost and Found

  Old Square Nails

The snow has finally ended ..for now, we got about eighteen inches of the glorious white stuff.   I am not against the moisture, it can rain all it wants..the little ponds on the way to town are almost dry, some are not ponds anymore.  Ducks that used to be in those ponds will have to find new homes this year..unless it rains.  I don’t know where our two fat Robins went during the storm..hopefully not too far away…
Have you ever put something away so well, that you couldn’t find it?  Recently this happened to us…
Lost: A paint roller pan.  I had a paint roller pan someplace..I searched and searched.. I was starting a project and had all the necessary supplies…except for the elusive paint roller pan.  Far Guy thought he knew right where it was…in his garage…it is a wonder he can find anything in there..he needs an organizer.  One time I threatened to outline the silhouette of all his tools on the pegboard, so he could tell what goes where…or so I could know where everything goes.  If I had followed through with my great plan that time..the paint pan wouldn’t have gone missing.  He didn’t find my paint roller pan either…so I borrowed one from my sister in law. 
Found: Square Nails.  We had them, they have been lost for the past ten years.  Square nails are pretty cool, I was not sure what I would ever use them for…but they were different and not something you see everyday of the week. I  put them in a safe place and conveniently forgot where I put them.  Low and behold I was looking for an Arrowhead in my old jewelry box, finally got fed up with a tangled mess of old jewelry and dumped the whole thing out.. and found the nails.  Now what was it I was going to use them for?  And why in the world would I have put them in with my jewelry? 
As you get older there seems to be no rhyme or reason to your thought process:)

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3 Responses to Lost and Found

  1. abra la mente says:

    My thought process has been this way all my life. I get frustrated when I know I had something, just not where I left it. Sometimes, I think, I borrow things to others, then forget i did that. I really love when I find something I forgot I even had.

  2. susan says:

    Did’t you have and idea of bending those nails into jewelry like a ring?? I am often used for my husband’s memory he seems to think I’ll remember where he puts stuff, I used to be good at it, now I write things down and tape it to inside of my cupboard doors, will run out of room soon, but the main problem is which place I put a particular note, here or the lake….my white robin still herem made it through the snowstorm.

  3. homd says:

    Omigosh, I want to be so organized, but I’ve done that too — went looking for one thing and found something else. I’d put square nails in my jewelry box — that’s where I’d put anything small that I’d want to find again!

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