Prescription Pains

Prescriptions are a pain in the butt.  As you all know Far Guy must take Tegretol EVERY DAY.  He cannot survive the pain without it.
Well to make a really long story short..after talking to the local Snyder Pharmacy  who blamed Blue Cross/ Blue Shield.  And talking to the Blues..who blame the Pharmacy.  Far Guy finally has his prescription refilled..he headed off to town this morning to resolve the situation, he said "I will call you from jail, if they don’t give me the prescription today"  I quickly said, I think I will ride along.   We had tried to get his prescription refilled on April 24, Snyder’s said" We cannot refill this script till the 28th"  We said why?  They replied "Your insurance has denied payment until then"  This was a bald face lie.  We did indeed check with the Insurance Company, they paid their part of the prescription on the 24th.  Yet we couldn’t have the medication until today.
Customer service has died, and there is no hope for resurrection.  Why can’t people tell you the truth.  And why in the world does a Pharmacy willingly withhold a necessary medication from a patient?  I just don’t understand…
Well the problem is solved..until the next refill…it’s a good thing we don’t have a trip to some far off place planned.

Another thing…or two…NO Far Guy doesn’t look sick.  He doesn’t "LOOK" abnormal.  People ask " How is your headache today?"  Those people should be shot…headache my ass.  "You don’t look sick?"  How is someone that deals with pain everyday supposed to look? Because he feels like the entire right side of his face has been hit by a Mac Truck, and then a fast moving train, loaded with explosives is making it’s way in and around his face.   But it doesn’t look like that…so that makes the pain less..get real people.  I think I am going to start carrying around a hatchet and giving insensitive people choices, they can shut up or let me whack at their face with a hatchet.  That would be a "headache" that everyone would notice. 
How in the world Far Guy copes with this daily onslaught of pain..I will never know…I cannot even imagine.  I can only support him the best way I know how… I ask him simply "How is the pain today".. and what can I do to help?  Often, when the pain is too much, he goes into the bedroom and lays down awhile.  Sometimes he just paces back and forth…If I could take away the pain, I would…for now I have to be content being his advocate with a hatchet:(

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2 Responses to Prescription Pains

  1. dahlenje says:

    During the birthing of your fourth grandchild, Andrew wasn’t concerned about me until he saw blood — sometime people don’t know what to say when other people are in pain. So you are right, we should all be more supportive.

  2. I like guns says:

    if you wanna know what makes far guy handle the pain, its a two fold answer, first he handles the pain because he has something to live for, secondly he lives through it because he has people who care enough to say how are you, and spend some time talking to him to help keep his mind away from it, far guy is a stud compared to me, he deals with it everyday, and doesnt ask anyone to feel sorry for him, thats the far guy way!! we are here for you whenever you need just call. as far as the pharmacy goes, what a joke, but if you wanna make meth we will sell you some sudafed today, but since your insurance isnt paying we cant fill your order unless you wanna pay out your own pocket, sure punish the good people and let the crooks get away with it, sucks!

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