I do not like skunks..not even the cute little babies.
The other night I could smell SKUNK..Chance was inside. We knew that there had been a skunk sighting and a live trap would be set. From the smell I could tell my Nephew had trapped one, I thought about calling him, but I thought hey, who knows I could be nuts and just dreaming.  Well I wasn’t was a skunk and now there is one less in the neighborhood. One less skunk is a good thing.
Years ago when we had four Shelties, Misty was skunked… well if you ask me that skunk had no business near the Dogs who were inside their fence.  Far Guy hollered..don’t let the Dogs in…oops..too I grabbed Misty who was beside herself.  She had been skunked directly in the head and eyes.  Skunk scent…burns sensitive tissue a dogs eyes.  I washed out her eyes over the kitchen sink, by this time everyone had bailed out of the house.  The girls later came into the house grabbed their school clothing and books and went to their grandparents home to shower, wash their clothing and go to sleep in a non-stinky place.  Jen declared "MOTHER..I am not coming back until it smells normal around here."   How in the world  would I ever know when that was going to happen…I smelled like skunk, my hair, my hands, even my fingernails.   I swear I stood in the shower for two days.  My Mom brought over all kinds of concoctions…we had sliced onions on plates in every room.  Tomato Juice to bathe in.  It did not matter how many times I bathed myself or the dog..we still reeked.  Short of burying ourselves..there was no escape.  I am sure that everyone in the house wished that the dog and I would move out.   I smelled like skunk until my fingernails had a chance to grow out.  Misty smelled like skunk every time she got wet.  Her eyes got cloudy, and she eventually went almost totally blind.  I had lots of "Old Timers" tell me that would happen.  Everyone else said it was an old wives tale.  Misty adapted to her blindness, of course she had three seeing eye dogs and me to help her. 
I have two different homemade recipes to share with you:
Skunk Neutralizer                                             Another Version
One Quart Hydrogen Peroxide 3 %                     One Quart Hydrogen Peroxide 3 %
1/2 Cup Baking Soda                                          1/4 Cup Baking Soda
2 teaspoons Liquid dish Soap                               1 teaspoon liquid dish soap
Mix ingredients and allow solution to sit on your pets hair for 10 to 15 minutes.  It may bleach your pets hair.  I have not had the opportunity to use either mixture.  Skunk Off is  a commercial product available.
 I wouldn’t wish being skunked on anyone:(

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3 Responses to SKUNKED

  1. buffalogal says:

    None of our dogs ever got it from a skunk, thank goodness. ONe of them killed a woodchuck one—the one who was eating my garden so it was OK with me. I always feared skunks for rabies. We still kill them if we see any wandering around in the daytime.

  2. homd says:

    Your story reminds me of the time a family of skunks moved from the grain elevator in town to my neighbor’s shed — a block away. Mama Skunk just carried her babies by the scruffs of their necks, one by one, down the road in broad daylight. Scared the snot out of me! We certainly made sure the dog stayed in. And I didn’t let the kids out either! One of the other neighbors watched them and alerted the neighbor whose shed had been chosen. They dispatched them in a number of ways.

  3. roxie bowers says:

    Just gotta put in a good note for skunks. They only act in defense. Leave them alone and they will do likewise. My husband grew up with a family of skunks under one their outbuildings. No one, even teir dogs, bugged them and they became tame as cats. Never sprayed. My husband even found one that had gotten its head stuck inside a fruit jar. He thought about it and then knowing the skunk would die without help, GENTLY braced the skunk with one hand and knocked the jar with a metal bar with the other. The jar broke neatly, just leaving the rim around the skunk’s neck. It never sprayed. It also wore it’s necklace for life, to no harm.

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