An Old Recipe Box

I have an old recipe box…I paid a whopping 84 cents for it at KaMe apART a long time ago.  The price sticker is still on the inside cover.  It was manufactured by Ohio Art of Bryan Ohio, imagine that something that wasn’t manufactured in China. may be a collectible. It has seen happier days..kinda like me.  This recipe box is tin, it is a funny goldy/yellow color, and has daisy’s on the top and a pot of daisy’s on the front.  I have lots of other recipe boxes, some tin, some wooden, some newer ones that are a heavy cardboard.  I just  keep tucking recipes into this old one.
What it has on the inside is what is important.  A very disorganized bunch of recipes, the favorites are toward the front.  When I am in  a pinch for an idea..nine times out of ten..this is where the recipe will come from.  Over the years, I have collected recipes from friends and noted on the recipe who it was from.  Some of these recipes are on index cards, some are on scraps and bits of paper.  Some are handed down from one person to another..tried and true.
Arvilla’s Pie Crust ( Arvilla got this recipe from Emma Lyons who used to cook at Doc’s)
5 cups of Flour
2 tsp Salt
2 Cups Lard
1 Cup of Cold Water
Mix with  your hands and a fork..makes 12 shells..
On the scrap of paper there appears a quote "Savor Every Moment, Take Joy In Every Day"  I recall that day over coffee, when I asked Arvilla for her famous melt in your mouth pie crust recipe.  She said "You can do it kid"  well I guess I saved that recipe for too long without trying it..because now if I have a question..there is no one to call.   It’s funny how a little slip of paper can bring you to tears.  Arvilla died last Saturday:(

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  1. East Side Professor says:

    We are fortune that she shared those recipes and we have them to cherish and pass down, the only thing better than a recipe is one with a story.

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