Birth and Noodles


Last evening we were dinner guests at Far Guys Aunts, several of his cousins were in attendance. The meal was fantastic, Steak, Salad, Baked Potato, Garlic Bread and Angel Food Cake for dessert. Yummy!
We heard some old stories, several which we had never heard before….one was a birthing story..
1918…..Far Guys Dad was three years old. Grandma was pregnant with her second child, Grandpa left with the horses to get the midwife. While he was gone, Grandma realized that she was going to have the baby pretty soon. So she took her three year old and brought him into bed with doubt cuddling and talking to him, and she gave birth to his brother all alone in a little farmhouse in the country. I always knew she was a strong woman….
Not only was she a strong woman, she was a good cook! One of her most memorable meals being homemade noodles and chicken. Often if you stopped by on Friday or Saturday..the noodles were drying, hung over the backs of white dishcloth covered chairs. You had to come back on Sunday afternoon for the completed dish!
Far Guy loves the homemade noodles.. and finally talked me into making them. I looked over the recipe..but I had never watched the entire Mother never made noodles. But I am reasonably intelligent..right??
I was cutting the noodles when Far Guy came home..I had out my white dishcloths and I was hanging the noodles over the backs of the chairs to dry. The problem?? I had rolled my noodles into a huge circle on the table and was proceeding to cut them out individually one at a time. All the while thinking..I probably won’t do this very often.. as it takes forever to cut them out..individually one by one. Far Guy was laughing all the while he rolled the noodles into a tube, took a knife and quickly cut off lots of noodles in no time at all:)

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3 Responses to Birth and Noodles

  1. homd says:

    LOL! Sometimes it just takes a fresh set of eyes!

  2. buffalogal says:

    Oh what an enjoyable blog today! Also the one about the homemade noodles. My first months of marriage I decided to make homemade noodles and I remember doing at Christmastime in 1960 when my folks and little sister came to Washington state to spend the holiday with us since we could not go home. My sister and I (she was a ninth grader) made noodles and hung them over a broomhandle between two chairs….all this while our mother took a nap…we did not want to have her telling us what to do as she usually did!!! We used the noodles in homemade turkey soup and the soup was like a casserole rather than soup. Mmmmmm, good and a good memory triggered by your blog.
    I planted your seeds two days ago! I am filled with hope.

  3. Far Side of Fifty says:

    Those homemade noodles are awesome..much better than the ones in the bag..frozen.
    B Gal, If we get some much needed rain..those seeds should take off! I hope you are up to your ears in flowers!!
    HOMD,Duh..I should have figured it out by myself…couldn’t see the forest for the trees. Both of my girls know how to cut noodles now!

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