Yesterday we traveled to Northern Minnesota, it was our Grandson Noah’s ninth birthday!  His favorite place to eat is Culver’s in Grand Forks, ND ..he likes the cheese curds.  I have to report that their Onion Rings are perhaps the best I have ever tasted.  He had a great birthday..he is hoping to buy a really cool set of Lego’s with his birthday money.  Yesterday was also the last day of school in their small town.
The Northern part of Minnesota is way ahead of us here, the wheat is up and the fields are getting really green.  Here we can just notice the tiniest bit of green. The trees are filling out there, and I noticed a Spring Snow Crabapple in full bloom.  Jen’s Crabapple tree of unknown origin is just starting to bloom.  Her peony’s are all coppery looking and  have a real head start on mine.  I suppose it is all that snow that we got and they didn’t get, their ground was allowed to warm up sooner than ours.
We saw some Pheasants in the Mahnomen area,  and some hawks. There are a pair or two of various ducks on every little pothole.  Last night on our way back, the deer were out in full force, munching on the grass near the roadway.   There are different Frogs singing now, not sure what kind they are but it isn’t just the spring peepers singing anymore.  These are throaty, in your face big frog sounds…perhaps it is a territorial thing.
The dandelions are finally out.  We used to have the dandelion rule.  No bare feet until the dandys came out.  I love the bright sunny color against the background of the bright green grass.  I love any yellow flower, so I am always charmed by these buttery bouquets when they are presented to me.  Sometimes  you just have to stop and enjoy the simple weeds. We allow our dandys to grow..after all they are partially green!
Gas prices varied from $3.79 to $3.71 (Mahnomen) perhaps they are purposely lower there because of the Casino.
There are many SUV’s and Campers along the road for sale..it seems like a pretty good variety, and if someone has the money to invest..they may do OK..or not.
I had the opportunity this week to talk to a number of "Old Timers"..(people over 80)..they are worried about the economy.  I asked them if they were worried enough to hide some money in canning jars and bury them like people did years ago.  They told me "Absolutely."  I didn’t like that answer..but I suspected as much:(
Updates: Far Guy is having more pain, and by evening is pretty well shot. He increased his medication, but will have to increase even more in the next few days.  His Neurologist is moving to Florida..so now we have to search for a new Doctor. 
Trica: Has been suffering with more bouts of Pancreatitis..she is scheduled for another surgery on June 5 in Minneapolis.  She and Richard and the girls are moving to Bemidji next weekend.  Perhaps after sixteen months they will finally be settled down.  They still have not sold their home in Nebraska.
Goal for the weekend: Visit some Cemeteries, and decorate some graves.

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4 Responses to Observations

  1. Kay Syvrud says:

    Farside—you will die laughing when I tell you what we did on our school-skipping day in 1953! We were going to Hitterdal in an old Model A sedan with the boys who skipped school the same day as we did….but something went wrong with “Boogen’s” car and we spend the afternoon sitting at a gas station in town until we decided to walk the railroad tracks to Hitterdal. We did not get far of course and when I think of the foolishness of walking on ANY train tracks at all I get the heebie jeebies thinking about how dumb we were. Our day was a bust. We got
    punished for going to Dolva Brothers Gas
    station!!! (we just skipped the afternoon)

  2. Far Side of Fifty says:

    B Gal, You were such a renegade! A Gas Station!! LOL

  3. Abra La Mente says:

    Looks like you’ve gone to the cemeteries with the updated picture on your blog home page. Is that a “local” cemetery. I may visit a couple myself tomorrow.

  4. Far Side of Fifty says:

    Yes, we went to five, the picture I have up now is of two of my Uncles Flags.

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