Dog Tales

The other day, I dropped a couple of pictures of Chance off at Headwaters Animal Shelter. They are having a contest, votes are twenty-five cents each. The highest vote getter will be featured in their Calender. It is a way for them to raise awareness and raise some funds for the Shelter. Entries are due soon, and the voting will take place throughout the summer.
Naturally while there, I had to look at the rescues. They had about eight puppies a Cocker Spaniel Cross with Shepherd and ?   Cute little guys, one of which was black and white with a white tip on it’s tail. A litter with perhaps multiple fathers. They sure were cute!
There was a really noisy, big, foaming at the mouth St. Bernard cross. A number of black dogs, a small white fluffy poodle cross, a very friendly funny looking mutt and a six month old German Shepherd. Her name is Harley. Oh… she is tempting..she is smart and friendly and because of her demeanor will probably be adopted very fast!
My Parents had a White German Shepherd, her name was "Spook"….I picked her out for them at a farm near Ada, Minnesota. She was a wonderful dog, she went deaf in her later years..but she was one smart dog!
I almost had my own German Shepherd… once…when I was about 14 years old..this Shepherd showed up. Of course I made friends with her..I would sneak her food outside my bedroom window, so she would sleep there. Sometimes I would crawl out my window and cuddle with her. I named her "Princess" ..she was friendly and smart..she would do what ever I asked of her. She loved me, and I absolutely adored her. My Mom was not very happy with this new dog that followed me all over. Princess left…she was gone about three days and then showed up again. She was in good shape, well fed thanks to the midnight meals I would sneak her. But every couple of days she would leave, and then suddenly appear again for a few days. This pattern was repeated for many weeks.
There was a couple that lived five miles away. Bob and Ruby owned the Texaco Gas Station. They had a German Shepherd named "Patsy"..they got her to be a guard dog at the gas station at night. The only problem with her was every few days she would disappear..they didn’t know where..or what she did while she was gone. The mystery was day I happened to be along when my Mom stopped there for gas. I was greeted like a long lost friend…Bob was a little dismayed with his guard dogs behavior. Bob said I could visit her as often as I wanted, but she was his dog. From then on she was tied up at the station at night…and became the faithful guard dog that she was supposed to be. I could have robbed them blind:)

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3 Responses to Dog Tales

  1. astrobob says:

    Hi Far — another enjoyable and well-crafted story. When I was in college, I lived in a house with a bunch of engineers and astrophysicists. A black cat took a liking to us — and our food. We called her Kitty. It was neat how we all pitched in to make sure she got a meal a day. Animals are so good at insinuating themselves with people.

  2. Far Side of Fifty says:

    I am glad you enjoyed my story, I had a really hard time writing it thru many tears, “Princess” was a friend who still effects me greatly…even after more than fourty years. I think I might have lots of Paw prints on my heart.
    Engineers and Astrophysicists must love animals too!! original:)

  3. abra la mente says:

    Sweet story–Princess was a very lucky “girl.” Thanks for sharing.

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