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A Message

Usually I don’t read autobiographies.  Usually I refuse to spend more than fifty cents for a book at a garage sale.   Something about this book spoke to me…I picked this book up twice and set it down twice, the third time … Continue reading


A Summer Bug

Far Guy got really sick with the Flu on Thursday.  Flu becomes much more complicated with someone with Trigeminal Neuralgia..we had to adjust his medications.  He has been in a lot more pain.  The over the counter meds that he … Continue reading


A Handsome Dog!

Yesterday Chance had to spend three hours away from us, with strangers.  He was getting groomed. Usually we bathe him a couple of times a year..but we brush him often.  In the summer he plops in and out of his … Continue reading


Fi Fi From France

In the summer of 1989 we hosted an exchange student from Germany.  She was wonderful.  However the responsibility of three teenagers was a bit taxing. In 1990 when we were contacted about hosting a French student we politely declined.  A … Continue reading


The Run Around

Last night my brother Jody stopped by.  He needed someone to take part of a chassis of a truck to Fargo to have new bushings put in.  We agreed that we could do it, Jody said it shouldn’t take long, … Continue reading



  Our Grandkids shortest to tallest! Do you ever wonder when your kids are they will turn out when they are all grown up? What they will choose as their vocation?I used to wonder about our girls when they … Continue reading



Last evening we had a dinner date with an old friend from California.  Far Guy was in charge of the details..he had written it all down..Lone Star Steakhouse..5:00.  We waited for 45 minutes, well our friend never showed must … Continue reading

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The cows in this picture don’t look anything like the cows I used to milk, however they are in the same pasture that was very familiar to me as a child! When I was about twelve years old, my brother … Continue reading



Summer is here!  We can make summer a whole lot safer for the little ones by using some "common sense." BACK UP ACCIDENTS – You back up leaving for a quick trip to the store..your children are safely in the … Continue reading

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“Name That Tune”

Recently we had a fun night out.  We had coupons for a free supper for four, so we invited Steve and Jo to go out with us.   The supper was good.  After supper they played a game show called "Name … Continue reading