Summer is here!  We can make summer a whole lot safer for the little ones by using some "common sense."

BACK UP ACCIDENTS – You back up leaving for a quick trip to the store..your children are safely in the house..or are they?  Recently I read a story of a Mom who thought all her children were in the house. She backed up and thought she hit a rail road tie at the edge of her drive, she drove forward and backup again, after the third time she got out of her vehicle and discovered it was her two year old.  Every week fifty kids are involved in back up accidents and every week two will die from their injuries.  A simple solution..walk around your vehicle before backing up..

LOCK YOUR CAR- A couple of summers ago a three year old snuck out of her house during nap time to play a hand held video game..she picked the family car as her hiding spot. It was about 95 degrees and sunny that day..she was found too late.  If the doors had been locked…
My cousins grandson who was three got into the family van that was parked on an incline, took the van out of park, ended up in a ravine,  he died from his injuries.  If only the doors had been locked..

SWIMMING- Kids need the basic swimming lessons..not "floaties" or life jackets. Forget getting a tan or reading a book at the beach or the pool.  Watch your own kids.  I have had to comfort a Lifeguard after she rescued and saved a drowning child, of course it was part of her job… the parents were too busy "chatting" to notice their child in the bottom of the pool.

FIREWORKS- Kids should never be allowed to "light off" fireworks..until they are teenagers.. then they should be able to decide if being fingerless or hand less for the rest of their life is worth a few fireworks.

CHOKING- If you are a parent and you don’t know the Heimlich maneuver…return your kids to the Hospital…I had the occasion to use this on Jen when she was little ..thank goodness I took the time to learn this simple life saving maneuver.

BIKES AND HELMETS- Junior/Juniorette  has a new bike this summer..does he/she  also have a bike helmet that fits properly?

LAWNMOWERS- Never allow children on riding lawn mowers…. ..a lawn mower is in fact a giant power grass cutting match for a small child.  Kids should be safely in the house while you are mowing..the family dog and cat exceptions…unless you are willing to sacrifice your child’s life or limbs. One of these life changing lawn mower accidents happen every day of the year.

 CAMPFIRES- Kids can trip and fall face first into a campfire.  Last summer a four year old  child fell into a campfire up at Itasca State Park.  We have a heavy old grill grate covering our least it keeps you from going directly into the coals. Some people have very large fire rings..with a small fire only in the center ..and the large metal ring as a no passing zone.

BOATING/DRIVING- Someone must be the designated driver…be responsible…

It’s time to let the little kids enjoy some fun outdoors.  Let’s stay vigilant and use some common sense and have a great summer:)

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  1. abra la mente says:

    Great advice! We often hear people say things like: “I did that when I was a kid, and I’m still here.” They were lucky, I guess. Why risk your luck running out on your children and grandchildren, then? I hope readers take heed to your summer safety pointers!

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