Last evening we had a dinner date with an old friend from California.  Far Guy was in charge of the details..he had written it all down..Lone Star Steakhouse..5:00.  We waited for 45 minutes, well our friend never showed up..it must have been some sort of miscommunication. We do hope that she is alright.

 We hung around the entrance so long that we should have been given honorary jobs as greeters. I will talk to just about anyone, if you smile and catch a stranger’s eye and say "Hi" ..more often than not they will also say "Hi"..but some people are funny and won’t look up from the ground…after awhile I told Far Guy.. that I better shut up before they call the Police. Imagine that Police report.. Strange Old Lady saying hello to everyone going into the Lone Star Steakhouse between 4:45 and 5 :30.
Sometimes things just don’t work out.  Well we were hungry and took off to our favorite Mexican Restaurant!
Leaving town, just passing the Moorhead exit..I asked Far Guy how anxious he was to get out of town.  He passed the Moorhead exit.. and replied ‘What do you have in mind?"  So we turned around at the next exit and went to visit old friends Jim and Lynne in South Moorhead.  We haven’t seen them for a couple of years.  We lived very near each other back in the 70’s.  I used to babysit for their children, and we went to the same church.  They were surprised to see us..we had a wonderful visit..with much laughter and reminiscing about the old days.  Like the News Years Eve that Lynne fell out of her chair, and the time our dog, Snuffer bit Jim after he swatted Tory on the bottom.  During the evening we also discovered that a good friend of theirs has Trigeminal Neuralgia.   Upon leaving their house, I noticed a penny on their step..it had not been there when I entered the house.  I said "Oh, a penny from heaven!" …to me that’s a sign from an Angel..that you are in the right place at the right time.  Kind of like the "Deja vu" feeling that I sometimes get..confirming that indeed I am on the right path.

 Jim and Lynne

So what turned out to be a visit down one path..lead to another path.. renewed in laughter and friendship:)
For my readers ..are you ever on the lookout for pennies?

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  1. Katherine Brose says:

    I really enjoy reading you daily comments and yes I watch for pennies all of the time. One time I was in Alaska and I was getting my slip from the meter where I was parking and looked down and found about 5 to 10 pennies scattered about, of course I bent down and picked them up – some were even enbedded in the snow covered walk. It always amazes me when people won’t stop and pick one up. In God we trust imprinted on the coin gives us a little gift from above. love your hubbies blog too

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