Our Grandkids shortest to tallest!

Do you ever wonder when your kids are little..how they will turn out when they are all grown up? What they will choose as their vocation?
I used to wonder about our girls when they were little.  In fact I still wonder about most small children.
Trica always wanted to be a Teacher when she was little…sometimes a Veterinarian.  She was about eight years old when I got out one of my Anatomy and Physiology books, it had see through overlays of parts of the human body, bones, organs, muscles…you could flip the pages back and forth…she got faint and passed out.  Well there goes the veterinary career down the tubes.  When she was much older she became one of the only patients to pass out at the eye doctor..when they tried a contact lens in her eye.  I was sure she was headed into teaching..and she was for awhile..then she decided on Nursing and became an RN.
Jennifer wanted to be a mommy and a Nurse when she was little. She had a speech problem, and struggled with reading.  Her speech problems were overcome with Speech Therapy and Orthodontic work.   Her reading problems plagued us for years.  She would sit with me in the kitchen every night and read.  She hated sounding out the words and would make them up as she went.  These would be randoms words, but they always began with the appropriate letter.  Well, I didn’t fall off the turnip truck yesterday, so I could usually detect the substitutions.   In high school she began to write poetry, and in College she was published.  She has a Master of Fine Arts in English.
Far Guy and I are very proud of our children, they turned in their own directions ..despite what their parents thought would be their path in life.
The Grand-kids are all different…
Savannah….is a talented Artist..perhaps she will be a clothing designer or an interior decorator.
Madison …is our animal lover…so perhaps a Veterinarian.
Paige…..is drama..she may be an actress as she can fake cry at the drop of a hat.
Noah…a gentle soul..he may be a Fireman, or an electronics genius.
Adam….a UPS driver/ Ladies man..he is a little young to predict..but he loves Far Guy’s delivery cart and has about five girl friends!
Which ever direction they take in life I am sure it will be interesting to watch:)

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3 Responses to WONDERING

  1. East Side Professor says:

    No, it was me who passed out at the eye doctor, Trish has contacts, I wear glasses! Are you taking some of dad’s medication again?

  2. Far Side of Fifty says:

    Am I getting that old? Well no wonder you didn’t become a Nurse..are you sure that you both didn’t pass out at the eye doctor? Gosh it’s a good thing I only have two of you to confuse. And here I thought I was doing so good with my recall:)

  3. Far Guy says:

    East Side Professor, which one are you? Don’t lie to me, I can find out.

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