The Run Around

Last night my brother Jody stopped by.  He needed someone to take part of a chassis of a truck to Fargo to have new bushings put in.  We agreed that we could do it, Jody said it shouldn’t take long, in by ten out by noon.  The phone rang at 7:30 it was a go. He had talked to the Service by ten, out by noon.   We arrived shortly before ten, they had not located the parts, well we needed breakfast anyway.  So we went to Far Guys favorite breakfast place..Dennys.  Then we took Chance to his favorite place..Petco…it  must be sensory overload for him there. His nose was going ninety miles an hour!  He was able to locate the aisle that has his favorite treats.  He met some little kids and a 8 week old Sheltie named "Tucker" that we would have brought home with us but his new owner was already in love with him. 
At noon we went back to pick up the repaired part.  They ordered the wrong bushings..but maybe in a couple more hours.  Well we went to a few garage this time it is relatively warm in the city. We sat in the Air Conditioned truck for a 1:30 I went into the Service Department..and asked how it was coming along..well now they have no they are still not sure.  I asked them at what time could they tell me one way or another if the work would be done today or tomorrow.  They said 2:00, at 2:05 I checked with them and they said that the work would be done in 20 minutes but they still had no bolts.  We loaded the repaired part, Far Guy then talked to the Mechanic who said bolts are available in Fargo they will have to order them from the cities.  If they had said this morning at 7:30, that it might be a long wait..I would not be upset, but they told us one thing and then as soon as they have us in the door..we are held hostage by their so called Service Department…that is manned by a couple of idiots. 
At 1:30 when I went in I asked them if we could bring Chance into the Customers Lounge..they said sure as long as he doesn’t bark.  No problem..  he is not a barker.  So we got to play some ball in their lounge, and cool off.  There were several other men waiting for various repairs..apparently speedy customer service with a smile is not a priority for this particular business establishment.  But they had a nice mechanic…and he knew what was going on…thank goodness someone did. Customer Service was not doing their job for’s a good thing they aren’t the mechanics:)

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2 Responses to The Run Around

  1. pyro6999 says:

    thats funny, you guys drove the company pickup around fargo, and even stopped at some garage sales! im so proud of you two thats funny!!

  2. homd says:

    Sounds like a garage to avoid! It wasn’t a total loss, though, since Chance got to see the Big City and make friends!

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