Fi Fi From France

In the summer of 1989 we hosted an exchange student from Germany.  She was wonderful.  However the responsibility of three teenagers was a bit taxing. In 1990 when we were contacted about hosting a French student we politely declined.  A few weeks later we got a call from the coordinators, they were in a pinch. They needed two homes for the chaperoning English instructors from France.  Since we had a resort, we have lots of room and can help out…right..well OK..these coordinators are good talkers.  Who is coming and what do they know about the instructors?  One is female, 38 and not married, the other male, 36 and gay.  I can choose which ever one I want, we all talked it over and decided on the female.  I am thinking she is 38 and she might know how to cook some really good food.

Martine arrived, well as it turned out she can’t even boil water.  She doesn’t  do her own cooking…her Mother cooks for her and does her laundry. I can see that I am going to have an added work load.  We juggled things around at the resort and were able to provide her with an efficiency cottage right next to the lake for her entire stay.  She was a pleasant person.  She was very good about showing up at mealtimes, talking on the phone (she had to talk to her students and her Mother), sunbathing and reading.
One Saturday I was very busy cleaning cottages.  Far Guy always mowed the grassy area near the docks on Saturday morning, then he would join me in finishing up the cottages.  He was taking his sweet time this particular Saturday.  The mower kept running and running.  Then I peeked out at the lake, boats are going very slowly by our after another… a big line up…everyone on the lake is trolling by slowly, past the point and then back again…the Walleyes must be biting..I have never seen so many boats fishing one area.
Well as it turned out, Martine was sunbathing…as only a good French woman would..topless.

Far Guy was in the dog house with me, but the dock area was mowed really well.  There was not one blade of grass too long in that entire area.  The news must have travelled really fast, Steve, a neighbor showed up and said "I can’t believe you Far Guy, Parlez-vous francais Fi Fi, next time she sunbathes give me a call would ya" I should have sold tickets.

To make my situation a little sadder.  The 36 year old male teacher, was gay but he was a trained Chef before he became an English teacher.  I met him and his host family.  He was delightful, his host family raved about his cooking…his whole visit he cooked.. he loved to cook:)

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3 Responses to Fi Fi From France

  1. HOMD says:

    LOL!!! Oh, isn’t that the way it goes? Yep, the French MEN cook and the French women are treated like princesses.

  2. abra la mente says:

    Well, I guess this shows we can never judge a book by the cover. :-)

    LOL HOMD. I think I want to cash in on my teency weency little bit of French heritage & be toiled over…minus the topless activities.

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