A Handsome Dog!

Yesterday Chance had to spend three hours away from us, with strangers.  He was getting groomed. Usually we bathe him a couple of times a year..but we brush him often.  In the summer he plops in and out of his pool many times on warm days.  I trim his nails and clean his teeth.  I also trim the hair on the pads of his feet.
Why then the Groomer?  He has a matting of fine and long hair on his behind that is impossible to manage.  I attempted to use an old hair clipper to remove some of the matting..to no avail..it just didn’t have enough "umph" left in it to do the job.  So then my dilemma was..buy a new clipper or take him to a groomer.   A professional grooming seemed the better option. 
He survived better than I did. The groomer said he was a wonderfully behaved boy.  I was a wreck..most of the time I spent in their parking lot reading a book.  They have no waiting area inside the grooming salon.  Hello..they don’t want you hanging around..fretting about your dog..they just want you to leave.  Finally I got to rescue him..he was one handsome clean dog..his white is sparkling..he has no mats in his fur..he is just perfect.  When I got him home..he wanted a drink and a nap..but he had company.."Miney" is visiting for a few days.  She thought he smelled a little funny…a little perfumed perhaps.  So far I have been able to keep him out of the mud puddles and the pool..but probably not for long:)

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2 Responses to A Handsome Dog!

  1. abra la mente says:

    If Chance is anything like my dogs, he will roll himself in the smelliest thing he can find as soon as possible. :-)

  2. buffalogal says:

    Your picture of Chance makes me so lonely for my good old “Mac” who died about 1996. He, too, was a handsome Border Collie but he never got professionally groomed. Once when my married son and his wife decided to save money, they bought a dog clipper and brought Trudi (Springer Spaniel) out to the farm to clip her. Another younger son volunteered to help them. We were both gone at the time and when we came home we found Mac hiding under the back porch—totally humiliated because they had groomed him too…..clipped him down to his mousey colored under-hair so he looked like a monster rat! He was cooler in the summer heat and when the black and white hair came back he was so handsome!!! They also took a picture of a half-finished “Mac” who looked like a lion with the mane on the wrong end…he had his huge bushy hindquarters still uncut and we laughed til we cried just at the picture!!! Poor dear old Mac..he was such a faithful and loving dog.

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