A Summer Bug

Far Guy got really sick with the Flu on Thursday.  Flu becomes much more complicated with someone with Trigeminal Neuralgia..we had to adjust his medications.  He has been in a lot more pain.  The over the counter meds that he can take are limited…Robitussin DM and Ecotrin…if he can keep them down.   He feels better than he did…and hopefully he will improve slowly.
He "shared" his bug with me…it hit me like a ton of bricks yesterday..my chief complaint is a severe sore throat.  Today it is becoming the mother of all summer colds. 
We hear it lasts five to six days…and it is going around.  Rest and fluids..repeat often..
Even the dogs are subdued..it’s like they know neither of us feel well..I was able to drag myself out between rain showers yesterday and play ball with them twice:)

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6 Responses to A Summer Bug

  1. abra la mente says:

    Gosh, hope you two are feeling better soon. Glad to know these sorts of bugs can’t be passed through the computer. 😉

  2. buffalogal says:

    Sorry you and Far Guy are having the “summer miseries”. My mother used to talk about us having the “summer flu” but it was intestinal and I think it may have been slight food poisoning from things not being refrigerated properly.
    Hope you both feel much better…get lots of sleep and drink lots of water if you can keep it down!

  3. homd says:

    Oh, sorry to hear you’re under the weather. Hope you two recover quickly! (Chance looks like a champ!)

  4. Dumbo says:

    Sorry to hear that the flu bug has hit you too. I am still trying to get over mine and it is now going on 10 days since the first symptoms. Hopefully yours won’t last that long since you are so much healthier :>). I was beginning to worry about the Far Guy since he hadn’t written in his blog for several days. Wish him well.

  5. Far Side of Fifty says:

    Thank you for all of your Get Well wishes! We appreciate them. Far Guy is spending more of today in an upright position. I just had a really long nap! Slowly but surely we will get better:)

  6. buffalogal says:

    Yesterday (june 30) I was felled by an intestinal, stomach type of alilment; it really felt like a virus because I was so weak and so unable to do anything at all but be miserable and lie around for hours and hours. Things must still make the rounds even if it is summer. I am living on custard right now til I feel a bit better.

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