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Tip of the Iceberg?

Yesterday as I was just about to take my stress nap. There was a knock at the door, it was a neighbor from across the lake. He was recently diagnosed with Trigeminal Neuralgia, he heard that Far Guy had … Continue reading


Life Goes on…

Life goes on, you can simply meet it head on, or bury your head in the sand..or in my case on a pillow with my nose in a book, before having a wonderful nap. I must be one of a … Continue reading


Floppy Disks

I am a collector of many things.  Some times I have to force myself to be a thrower.  Yesterday I threw out a whole slug of floppy disks. Now that I have thrown them out someone someplace will design the … Continue reading


Noxious Weeds

Every State has a list of Noxious Weeds.  It is all about control.  Someone doesn’t like a plant, it’s habit or it’s ability to grow well..and it becomes a noxious weed. Two of my very favorite noxious weeds are found … Continue reading


101 Stories

This morning I was searching for something on the net.  By accident I came upon this ongoing story in The Minneapolis Star Tribune, 13 seconds in August, all about the bridge collapse that happened last year on August 1st.   There … Continue reading

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An Emotional Week

Boy… it has been an emotional week. First we learned that my cousin, Mark was not going to make it home anymore.  We visited him in the hospital, he shared with us that he had no regrets, he was right … Continue reading


Do you cover or hover?

Well, it seems on the subject of toilet seat covers either you cover them or you don’t.  I don’t cover, and truth be known I don’t hover effectively anymore either.  Once you reach a certain age..hovering can either be dangerous … Continue reading


Swim Lessons

The past two days were spent "Up North" getting the Grand-boys Noah and Adam to the last two days of their swimming lessons.  It was interesting watching the Instructors with their clip boards yesterday.  The did a fair amount of … Continue reading

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Pampering…. everyone needs some now and then.I haven’t had a real pedicure or manicure for years.  I learned how to properly give them years ago, fresh out of High School I attended a Beauty School in Fargo, North Dakota.  Yes, … Continue reading


Olivia’s Famous Cake

Years ago when my parents had a resort, I worked for them on Saturdays. One of the neighbor ladies also worked for them.  Her name was Olivia, she was a tiny little old lady, she didn’t carry even one extra … Continue reading