Pampering…. everyone needs some now and then.
I haven’t had a real pedicure or manicure for years.  I learned how to properly give them years ago, fresh out of High School I attended a Beauty School in Fargo, North Dakota.  Yes, I am a beauty school drop out, it was just not my thing to do. ..however I did learn how to properly shampoo hair and to always de-tangle with a comb.  How tedious is that..I always had a pretty good head of hair that I tackle with a brush. I did learn the finer points of a manicure and a I just do my own nails.
I had a massage once, that was enough for me. This gal had arms the size of my legs and I think she was a Lumber Jill in her off time.   I had to disrobe and cover my nakedness with a flimsy sheet and lay down on this skinny little table with a hole in it where my head should go.  I was uncomfortable, the room was dark, the candles were glowing in the darkness spewing some unknown fragrance into the air.  Those fragrances mingled with the massage oils gave me an instant headache.  OHHH..then the was intense. You see I am amply endowed. I finally had to say..please be more breasts just could not take being forced into that massage table with 200 plus pounds of force.  The only part of the entire massage that felt remotely relaxing was when she worked on my head, neck and face. I relaxed so much I silently invented a massage table that had cuts outs for breasts…then it dawned on me..a man must have invented the massage table. (Men just look at breasts, they have no idea the pitfalls that befall an  amply endowed women.)  Well it was a relief when it was over, I felt all slimy and smelly, I headed for the shower to regain some normalcy…that was my first and last massage.
Sometimes Far Guy will scratch my back for me. My Dad and my brother will often massage my neck and shoulders for me..then I feel pampered:)

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4 Responses to Pampered

  1. East Side Professor says:

    I too hated my first massage, what a waste of money… now it is like a drug… when can I get my next fix of relaxation and someone taking care of me and not wanting any “favors” in return.

  2. homd says:

    I’ve had a full-body massage, too. I warned the massage therapist that too much fragrance is not a good thing for me, so she didn’t bother with the candles. She did play soothing music, and when I told her to disregard a few sore spots, she did. Wonderful experience. NOW I’m hooked on pedicures!!!

  3. astrobob says:

    I used to get massages but it’s so expensive now. Also I noticed that within an hour or two, the relaxing effects wore off. If I just didn’t have to deal with children or go to work, I’m sure massages’d be more cost effective (!)

  4. Abra La Mente says:

    I love a good massage, but they are not something I could afford to do often. I really like the hot stone therapy. Farside, your massage experience reminds me of a few sessions of physical therapy I had done on my back & neck, by a very “strong” woman…she kept telling me to relax….well, okay, sure…when you stop hurting me. Her skin rolling technique to loosen up my connective tissue was was more like very agressive pinching. No wonder I never seemed to get better. I finally quit going and slowly healed.

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