An Emotional Week

Boy… it has been an emotional week. First we learned that my cousin, Mark was not going to make it home anymore.  We visited him in the hospital, he shared with us that he had no regrets, he was right with the Lord, and it was nearing time for him to go, he was plum tuckered out.

Then we learned that a friend of ours by the name of Alice had died. She was a wonderful lady, with a great love of her family and her dogs.  She was a strong woman with a strong faith.  She died from what they call Stevens-Johnson Syndrome or TEN (Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis)  this is very rare and affects only one person in a million, usually caused by a severe allergic reaction to a medication. Her husband John, is going to be so lonely..they were married 51 years.

Far Guy was especially distressed to learn that Alice had Stevens-Johnson Syndrome.  It is a side effect that sometimes appears in  people with Trigeminal Neuralgia that take Tegretol. So that is pretty scary for both of us.

My cousin Mark had struggled for years with "resistant" infections in his back, he spent large blocks of time in the hospital.  Mark was a Paraplegic, he was injured in a snowmobile accident when he was in his late teens.  He was so severely injured that the Doctors thought he might not live way back then. But live he did..he loved to Hunt and Fish.  Yesterday Mark died, I could only smile among my tears when I thought of him running into heaven..he was only 49 years old.

 Me and Mark in 1959

I remember when Mark was born, I used to babysit for him… and now I just feel old, when relatives that are younger than you die, I guess that’s how you are supposed to feel..OLD..but thankful for everyday we have left here on this earth.  Just more thankful some days than others:)   

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  1. buffalogal says:

    deep sympathy to you in your losses of dear ones. Our mortality is constantly in danger even when we do not think about it. My only boy cousin on my Mom’s side (age 64) is dying from life-long asthma and its bad side effects on the heart and lungs. I feel so sad but all I can do now is pray and send him encouragement; I also sent him some Bible- based daily devotionals so he can be ready and be assured of his future life after he has left this earthly shell we call our bodies.
    I have just come in from staering my healthy lush hollyhocks and lupines! Thanks again!

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