101 Stories

This morning I was searching for something on the net.  By accident I came upon this ongoing story in The Minneapolis Star Tribune, 13 seconds in August, all about the bridge collapse that happened last year on August 1st.   There are stories of the survivors there, and some video. I have not read all the stories yet.  From what I read, the stories are powerful and thought provoking.
Some of the vehicles have not been identified..I find this hard to believe in this day and age. Far Guy says maybe they were stolen vehicles, ya well maybe they were driven by ghosts too.  Vehicles have VIN numbers and License Plates, or at least they are supposed to. And someone was driving it that fateful day..but who?  How many mysteries are there connected with this tragedy? How many people are still missing? I guess I will read some more to see if any of my questions can be answered:(

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  1. abra la mente says:

    I read most of the stories a while back, but there are now updated stories, so I was also on the site this morning. There seem to be some pretty raw emotions as the anniversary approaches.

    My thought was that the cars and drivers have all been identified and accounted for, but the Star Tribune hasn’t been able to identify them…perhaps can’t get a hold of the drivers. I could be wrong, but that’s how I understood it.

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