Noxious Weeds

Every State has a list of Noxious Weeds.  It is all about control.  Someone doesn’t like a plant, it’s habit or it’s ability to grow well..and it becomes a noxious weed.
Two of my very favorite noxious weeds are found quite readily in the area..

First the dreaded Lythrum species, I used to call it the "Summer Lilac" it is a beautiful plant.  It got a bad rap because it grows well in wetland areas.  Well I found it growing in a public planting in an undisclosed location recently.

Second the wild Daisy’s ..nothing better than a few of these popping up here and there to brighten your day. Pretty, but still a noxious weed.

My favorite story about noxious weeds took place last year, and is a reminder how ridiculous some people can be.  We had some new transplants from Nebraska move into the area. They made friends with a very radical couple who were transplanted from up north. Well the women took up morning walks with their unleashed dogs through their neighbors posted private property…they both got poison ivy..sad but true..yes poison ivy is a noxious weed that grows quite well in Minnesota. Well these ladies were mad, mad at the property owner, mad at their dogs..they were mad at everyone except themselves.   They reported the situation to the Weed Control Office in Becker County, low and behold the property owners had to have their property sprayed to remove the poison ivy…or pay a fine. I drove by there and it looked like a moonscape with Oak trees.  This year it is looking more green, and I noticed that the Ivy is back also. I thought perhaps a charge of Trespassing was warranted.  I believe that those property owners that were forced to comply have since sold their property. I don’t blame them.  I don’t care who you are or where you are from…Poison Ivy grows well in Minnesota..especially among the Oaks.  It is just a known fact:)

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2 Responses to Noxious Weeds

  1. In the Life of Emily says:

    I think those “weeds” are beautiful too. I also believe in karma, and I bet those ladies will find themselves in more poison ivy before too long.

  2. pyro6999 says:

    i hate canadian thistle!!!

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