Floppy Disks

I am a collector of many things.  Some times I have to force myself to be a thrower.  Yesterday I threw out a whole slug of floppy disks. Now that I have thrown them out someone someplace will design the cutest little craft item just using floppy disks.  Far Guy said " We don’t even have a computer that takes them anymore, just throw them all out."   Well actually we do, it is a very old laptop that we used to play Solitaire on, it came in handy on long trips. It has been out in the Potting Shed for a number of years.

Yesterday I came to the realization that I need a new printer/scanner/copier.  I have been struggling with this piece of crap for over a year now. It prints fine, it copies fine, it just won’t scan.  Well it will scan but not in the normal mode, not how it did when it was new. I have written and e-mailed and live chatted with HP..well I GIVE UP..I will buy a new one and give my hand me down to Far Guy.  I asked Far Guy how he would like a new printer..he said "Absolutely not"..darn..then I said "Well actually I want a new printer..so I would just be giving you my old one."  Then he said "Go for it babe!"  He only uses his printer occasionally anyway.  I know that there is some way that we should be able to share a printer..but we have never found a way to do it..well on second thought Far Guy did find a way one day..but everything he sent to be printed on my printer came out backwards..I guess Networking isn’t firmly established in our household yet. I haven’t found the book Networking Two Computers for Two Dummies yet, or I would have purchased it.

Yesterday when I was cleaning in and around the computers, I ran into a lot of "stuff" that I have stored in pretty boxes on top of the computer station.  One box has extra cords, two broken mouses, a funny looking green board with lots of wires?, and some funky looking connectors…I just shut the lid and declared it Far Guys property.  While I cleaned up, dusting and organizing, I collected all his bits and pieces of paper with all his "notes" on them and stacked them all very neatly near his mouse…low and behold he actually looked at them and threw some of them away.  I guess I need to purchase a note book for him, one he can keep at the ready to jot down all his notes.

We have two computers, we sit side by side at a computer station that Far Guy custom built for us.  It comes in handy when the Grand-kids are here, there is less fighting over time on the computer,  Years ago when we had only one computer, we shared, we were nice to each other and polite… well sometimes anyway. 

You don’t suppose all those Floppy Disks will become collectors items do you?  I have a couple of slide rules around here someplace just waiting for their second moment of fame:)

FUNNY..area voices has a new blog editor that they wanted us to try..I did.. It doesn’t work.  So I attempted to email them..they gave the link to their e mail..it is an invalid address ..too funny..they wanted input..but you can’t contact them to give em any LOL

2:18 PM update on Funny..someone had incorrectly entered their email address, just a little thing like a space between a < and the s made the address invalid..I finally figured it out for them and sent them another email suggesting that someone change it..we will see LOL

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2 Responses to Floppy Disks

  1. laurie says:

    i love the idea of putting the old computer out in the potting shed.

    maybe it will come to have some great gardening purpose.

  2. homd says:

    Yeah, isn’t the new editor a great idea? That’s why I had such a small font in my blog. (I think I have it fixed.) I tried publishing last night, but it wouldn’t work. Had to go back to the old one!

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