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“Snapshot” Memories

A field, it’s flowers of sapphire blue from a distance looking like water flowing uphill. A Flax field in bloom, one of the most beautiful and memorable sights that I remember as a child. A wedding reception outdoors on a … Continue reading


Saturday Chores

I used to hate my Saturday chores.  When I was a teenager, I had to dust, vacuum, scrub the floors and clean the bathroom on Saturdays.  I also managed the care of my brothers and sister during the day. Sometimes … Continue reading

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I don’t often blog about politics.  But gosh it is getting good.  Today John McCain will step up to the plate and hit a home run with his Vp nomination of Sarah Palin!  Earlier this week I spent sometime on … Continue reading


Corn Cob Wine

I have many cookbooks, I collect them.  I don’t necessarily cook from them, but I am a reader so I like to read them.  For me it is like reading short flavorful stories.Recently Far Guy and I were in town, … Continue reading

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Grain Harvest Memories

Last night we were invaded by a group of huge combines, and semi tractor trailers hauling grain from the nearby fields.  From a distance it looked like some sort of eerie accident, without the flashing lights.  They were scurrying around … Continue reading

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The Mighty Mississippi

Sue and Far Guy crossing The Mighty Mississippi Yesterday we had much anticipated company from Indiana.  Our friends, Sue and Joe came to visit.  We had a lovely lunch cooked by Far Guy, and then spent the afternoon talking and laughing.  Sue … Continue reading


A Play and Purple Hair

Yesterday we went over to The Long Lake Theater.  Guys on Ice has been held over, and they are showing it on Sunday afternoons.  It is a play about two die hard fishermen, Marvin and Lloyd in a fish house … Continue reading

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Bees and Me

Yesterday as Far Guy and I were walking along a dirt road to view the changing of the flags, a bee came out of nowhere and stung me right in the neck.  It was a yellow and black bumble bee.  … Continue reading


One Man’s Dream

Out on the Ponsford Prairie lives a man by the name of Howard.  Howard is a Vietnam Veteran, he served in the Marines.  Howard had a dream one night, he wanted to show his patriotism and honor all Veterans.  So … Continue reading


Digital Cameras

In the past couple of days I missed some really good pictures because I left my camera behind.  The first was a huge thunderhead in the clouds..then it lost it’s head…what a shot that would have been.   DARN  Then yesterday … Continue reading