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In the past couple of days I missed some really good pictures because I left my camera behind.  The first was a huge thunderhead in the clouds..then it lost it’s head…what a shot that would have been.   DARN  Then yesterday the wind was blowing 60 mph, and the east side of Park Rapids was enveloped in a huge dust storm, you could hardly see a thing.  It was a sight to see, probably reminiscent of the dust bowl storms in the past.

I am not a wonderful photographer, but I try.  I take about fifty pictures for the one great shot that I am proud of.  It helps that I have a digital camera, no waste of film, no waiting for the pictures to be developed.  I have three sets of batteries that I recharge, that is one thing about a digital goes through batteries like there is no tomorrow.
My camera is not fancy, and it was not too expensive..under 200 dollars.  But it has many modes and functions that I am still discovering how to use.  It has ten different shooting modes, through experimentation I have tried them all. Then there is stuff called white balance and ISO speed and exposure compensation…HUH?  I am now  lost, and will have to visit the HP website to learn more..

What do I like to take pictures of? Well obviously Chance, he is a willing subject!  The Grand kids are sometimes cooperative.  I like to take pictures of flowers, trees, the sky, animals and pretty much anything that speaks to me.

I gave Far Guy my old digital camera, it takes okay pictures, but the video button is very near the picture button so he ends up with lots of video. He was bound and determined to take his camera and put it in the car, it hasn’t made it there yet.

I hate all the add ons that are just down right… well I just want there any way I can just turn that function off?  If there is, I have not found it yet.  The date and time stamp drives me nuts, for a few pictures I use it, then I go in and turn it off since I don’t want it printed on all my pictures. Since I am a scrapbooker I like things nice and tidy, and time and date stamps on all my pictures is not necessary or tidy.  I have a zoom lens, okay.. but the quality of the picture suffers from the zoom. Then there is the design gallery, the only redeeming function there is the "slimming" function that I found under artistic effects. I can also make my images black and white or sepia tones, I will have to give that a try.

I wish that there was someone, somewhere who would do a blog about digital cameras, and do a tutorial of sorts, give some assignments etc..and review the results, and give you feed back.  Now that would be interesting!  I bet I could learn a lot! :)

What I am reading now: Lost and Found by Carolyn Parkhurst


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5 Responses to Digital Cameras

  1. homd says:

    What do you think of Lost and Found?

  2. buffgal says:

    I am a technofailure; do not know how to operate a digital camera or how to put pictures on line or anything. I am not sad about it so it is OK.
    I am reading DEAR JAMES by Jon Hassler; it is a sequel to the GREEN JOURNEY. I love the character created by Hassler….Miss Agatha McGee the most dyed in the wool old world Catholic anyone could ever know; she is charming and alarming but very astute and very trapped in a small town her whole life.

  3. Far Side of Fifty says:

    Bev B Thanks! Yes I read the Pioneer woman regularly I call her the Pie Near Woman. I should add her as a favorite.
    BGal, I haven’t read anything by Jon Hassler, he taught English in Park Rapids, I didn’t have him as a teacher..but he was a very nice man.
    Lost and Found is coming along, I am at about page 200, well at this point I am not thinking nice thoughts at all. It is a bit long on gay relationships for me. I could do without the longings of one gender for the same gender. Not that I dislike gay people, we have friends that are gay, we just don’t talk about their sex lives with them. Hopefully I will finish it this weekend. What do you think HOMD?? :)

  4. Far Side of Fifty says:

    Bev, Pioneer Woman does have a photo blog, I spent some time there, thanks for reminding me!

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