Bees and Me

Yesterday as Far Guy and I were walking along a dirt road to view the changing of the flags, a bee came out of nowhere and stung me right in the neck.  It was a yellow and black bumble bee.  We walked on and located one of my cousins that had a cell phone in case I would have an immediate reaction..which I didn’t. I got to take lots of pictures, and watch almost all of the ceremony before I started to feel somewhat oozy, so we quickly left to come back home where the Epi pens were.  We were about 15 miles further into the boonies than where we live, and since we live 15 miles from the nearest ER, we both felt better going home.  Far Guy got out all the Epi Pens..some are two years old..some only a year we put it on our to do list. It is also a good reminder that PERHAPS I need to carry an Epi Pen with me all the time.

Sometimes I react to bee stings and sometimes I do not, it must vary from the type of bee and where I am stung and how much of the evil venom enters my system.   My worst reaction took place about 1981, in the Fall.. I walked outside with a sugary cinnamon roll in my hand and when I took a bite I also bit a wasp. I was stung right on the tongue.  NOT FUN…I was rushed to the ER and could not speak or swallow, they gave me injections in both arms at the same time, after three rounds of injections the swelling began to subside.  It was very scary.

My Mother used to say that the bees knew me.  One time when I was young, maybe seven years old a bee flew in the car, bit me and flew back out again. We headed to the nearest drug store to call my Doctor back in Minnesota..because we were all out of my "bee pills." 
My Doctor in Minnesota was always very concerned about me, he often said "You have to be very careful." I wish I knew what he meant, perhaps there is something in my records that I should know about. 

I am not sure which Doctor in Detroit Lakes treated me the day after I opened the hives.  I wasn’t very old, 3 or 4. We were visiting an Uncle and Aunt of my fathers on a Sunday afternoon.  I was playing in their yard. There was a chest with lots of drawers and I opened most all of them.  I was covered with bees.  I guess they heard me screaming and came running with a blanket to cover me up, once they got me inside the house they killed the bees and removed the stingers and stopped counting somewhere around 150.  I remember the pain, but that’s about must be one of those repressed memories to difficult to recall.  But I lived through it, but I am allergic to Honey Bees.  I am also a bit afraid of bee’s, I am better about it now..I don’t freak out and scream or anything…sometimes they do make me cry. You know the old saying if a bee lands on you, "hold still and they won’t sting you"..well it is a little hard to do if you are sobbing so hard you are shaking.  My brother Carey used to be one of my greatest allies, he would use his best coaching voice "Hold still, it will fly away"..sometimes this holding still would work..sometimes not. 

Throughout all my years in the Greenhouse I gained a great appreciation of bees and was never stung even once.
But I can’t walk along a dirt road in the country with lots of other people and escape the bee or the sting.  I wasn’t wearing a flower color…unless bees are now attracted to a faded blue color, I do not wear perfume so I don’t smell like a flower..maybe it’s like my Mom used to say..the bees know you:(

What I am Reading now:  I  finished Lost and Found, it gets a 3 on my rating scale.  Not sure what I will read next.

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2 Responses to Bees and Me

  1. PrairieWoman says:

    I think your mother is right, the bees do know you. There must be just something about you that attracts them. Perhaps you are just a tiger lily by nature and they love you. Love hurts, just more for some than others I guess. :( Hope you are feeling better.

  2. buffalogal says:

    I got stung by a big Bumblebee when I was a preschooler;(on the cheek) I do not remember the moment of the sting but I do remember looking in the mirror in my bedroom and seeing my puffed up distorted face!
    I did not recognize my little self at that moment.
    My one eye was tightly shut and the rest of that side of my face was swollen to twice the size of it.
    I recently got stung on the right hand by a hornet or wasp when I was reaching into “your” hollyhocks to thin them….I am avoiding them til bee/wasp/hornet season is over.

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