I don’t often blog about politics.  But gosh it is getting good.  Today John McCain will step up to the plate and hit a home run with his Vp nomination of Sarah Palin!  Earlier this week I spent sometime on the net researching all the women that he could possibly choose, and no one stood out to me more than Sarah Palin.
Women, especially strong no nonsense women are over looked.   She is the Mother of five kids. Go Sarah!!  A breath of fresh air for politics and women voters across the country. She might hunt, fish, ride a snowmobile and actually wear jeans and a t shirt on occasion.  I bet she might even know about the prices in the grocery store, and possibly even know the price of a gallon of gas…refreshing. So who do you suppose we can thank for this great Vp pick?  I guess I would say Thanks Cindy!!
And here I thought I would have to make up my mind only considering who had pets and who didn’t.  The McCains have dogs and a cat.  The Obama’s will get their girls a dog when they move into the White I really feel sorry for those little girls…no dog is in their immediate future.
My advice for Sarah:  Don’t get real uppity, and stay away from Hilly’s Rainbow Pant Suit designer, if you have hips show them off! :)

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7 Responses to Sarah!!

  1. East Side Professor says:

    So your looking forward to four more years of Bush then… I don’t vote but if I did it would be for Obama.

  2. homd says:

    I have a theory about why McCain picked a woman, too. She would be nearly as historic as having a black president. And she’s young, balancing McCain’s age. Obama picked an elder statesman to balance his youth. (I think I’m leaning toward Obama!)

  3. Linda says:

    Gee, I’ve hunted, fished, ridden a snowmobile – I can even squeeze a pair of jeans over my hips! I must be qualified to be VP, too!

  4. lattice says:

    I don’t feel qualified to even HAVE political opinions (what I understand of politics comes mostly from novels like Grisham’s The Appeal, and I usually hear about current events through a few watchful family members; I’m seldom on the cutting edge of the “news”), but I like Sarah, too. And while other members of my family were quick to voice cons about McCain’s choice yesterday, I think choosing her was a stroke of genius. Sarah is firm where McCain is moderate, strongly values life, holds conservative values, votes bipartisan, and is said to have been “able to get things done across party lines in AK’s government” (I don’t know WHAT she’s done, but it sounds like she can get politicians with various opinions to make choices based on reason as opposed to party platform). She has energy and determination, which I sense McCain to need. There is also evidence to support her supporters’ claims about her, whereas Obama’s talk says “bipartisan,” but his record doesn’t show it. Sarah seems a fair match with Obama if not in charisma then at least in speaking skill (though I missed her acceptance speech yesterday–do you know where I can find it online?), age (mid-40’s), status (minority), and experience (if we count not years but accomplishments). As I find different but serious leadership characteristics lacking in both presidential candidates, I haven’t been looking forward to the election this November. In fact, I had already grown tired of the whole business. But now!!!–I think you’re right, Far!–things are gettin’ more interestin’! I can’t wait for the debates! And I even plan to WATCH them! ;~)

  5. Far Side of Fifty says:

    Oh Linda, You would make a great VP!! I would vote for you! You are a great Mom, savvy, smart and you didn’t fall off of the turnip truck yesterday either.
    Women may finally have a voice in this election, it is a historic move. I was flabbergasted that no one seemed to know anything about Sarah or what a “Tiger” she has been up in Alaska. Me, little old nobody in Minnesota knew more about her than the reporters on CNN. But I had done my curious research, and found her more than qualified. She has set the Dem’s on their ear, and finally someone has made politics exciting again and it should be fun to watch. Most of the power is in the Congress anyway, and no big changes will happen until there is a complete overhaul of everyone in Washington DC:)

  6. farguy says:

    The American women will never vote for Sarah. She is pretty and smart. To threatening for the women of today. They would rather vote for an ugly women with a fat butt who stayed with her cheating husband.

  7. abra la mente says:

    In response to Ralph’s comment, let’s hope people don’t vote based on looks…that’s pretty shallow.

    A few years ago, I might have considered McCain, but I either didn’t know enough about him then, or he has changed. I don’t think I can stand more of Bush policies, which is likely what four years of McCain would be. Before eight years of Bush and company, I might have considered the Republican party with more interest, but now…it will be a while, I’m sure.

    I like Obama better than I would have liked Hillary, but Biden was much further up on my list than either of those two, so now that Obama has chosen him as a running mate, it’s pretty likely that is the team that would get my vote.

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