Saturday Chores

I used to hate my Saturday chores.  When I was a teenager, I had to dust, vacuum, scrub the floors and clean the bathroom on Saturdays.  I also managed the care of my brothers and sister during the day. Sometimes being the oldest and the most responsible was the pits.

We did not have a dishwasher back then,  so there was always a mountain of dishes to do, the dishes had to be done before I could leave the house.   Lots of times my date would have to wait on a stool by the door until I was finished. Some of them would just sit there like a bump on a log. (These guys got no extra points with me.) Sometimes they would have the unmitigated gall to complain, couldn’t I be waiting and on time ready to exit as soon as I saw them?  Sometimes these guys would offer to help, like Far Guy..he would often dry the dishes for me and stack them on the counter so I could put them away, and we could finally make a quick exit.

I used to envy some of my friends.  I had a friend all the way through High School, I met her in seventh grade, her name was Cathie.  Cathie had an older brother, she used to argue and fight with him, heck I would have loved having an older brother..he certainly would have had to do some of the chores.  She also had a younger sister. Let me tell you, she had it made. She was only supposed to clean her own room and the bathroom that she shared with her sister.  I had to share a bathroom with five other people.  So just cleaning up after one other person and having a bathroom practically all to yourself was pure heaven to me.  Most everything at their house was pure heaven, they got to walk to school or their Mom would drive them to school, no standing outside freezing waiting for the bus.

Their Mom was really a sweet lady, she talked to me, I did not have to be "seen and not heard" at their house. I didn’t have to do the dishes there either but I often did. Sometimes I would be asked to stay was like a vacation for me. No little kids to watch, we could play music pretty loud and try different hair styles and play with makeup.
 In the morning at the table, which was always set the night before, there would be a half of a grapefruit that had been cut out for you and you ate it with one of those special spoons with the serrated front.  That was the first time in my life that I had ever seen a spoon especially for grapefruit.  Their Mom was a really good cook too, I enjoyed foods there that I didn’t know existed. Often times their Grandparent’s, and Uncle and Aunt’s would be there too, and the table would be expanded to accommodate all the guests. I don’t know that they ever made the kids eat at a kids table or in a different room.

I learned how to Down Hill Ski with Cathie, for me that was quite an experience.  Skiing takes all day, and that’s all we did on a Saturday..just SKI..thats chores…sure Cathie’s little sister was a pain in the butt sometimes..but that was something I was used to. She only had one pain in the butt, I had three.  I was always sad to leave their house but I had to go home and do my chores.  Cathie did spend some time at my house, but it was no where near a vacation for her:)

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  1. Cathie says:

    Nice memories, Far side!

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