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“My Garage”

I have been putting off cleaning out my Potting Shed/Retail Sales space all summer. When Far Guy and I built it years ago, we built it in mind that it would someday serve as "My Garage." I do not have … Continue reading


Poor Customer Service

I have major problems with poor customer service.   I have owned two businesses over the years, our greenhouse business which we just closed and a small fishing resort.  The things I have learned could fill a book.  This morning I … Continue reading


A Traveling Song

Years ago I took the girls south with me, when Far Guy was TDY someplace..Florida or Mississippi. I drug them out of school on many occasions to go to Air Force Bases in the south, where their Father was. I … Continue reading

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This Weeks Happenings

Little Aubrey our Great Niece had the first of her cleft lip and palate surgeries on Monday.  They did the lip repair, and what a job they did, stitches so tiny they were hard to see.  I visited on Wednesday … Continue reading


Far Guy and Trigeminal Neuralgia

WELL !! Where to start … Trigeminal Neuralgia  is a "rare disorder." It usually effects women..I wonder sometimes if he is getting in touch with his feminine side through this disorder.He has Atypical TN or Type II TN, which is … Continue reading


The Chicken Coop

We had a number of old buildings on our farm. We had an old chicken coop and a little brooder house. The brooder house was a place where the cute little fluffy yellow chicks went to stay warm and dry … Continue reading

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Old Photographs Part I

I love old photographs, I especially like old photographs of me!  Gosh I was a cute kid!  That would be me in this picture taken in 1952, my Uncle Al is holding me quite well.  The two other little boys … Continue reading


“Make Do Attitude”

Well unless you live further in the "Boonies" than I do. You can’t help think about what is happening on "the hill" this morning.  I am not an Economist, I did take a class in Economics once, I ended up … Continue reading


A Simple Question

A number of years ago Far Guy’s Mother was in the Nursing Home.  She preferred to eat her meals in her room, we encouraged her to eat with her group at meal times.  In doing so we would try to … Continue reading


My Favorite Book

"To plant a pine, one need be neither God or a poet: one need only a shovel"  Aldo Leopold My Favorite book is A Sand County Almanac And Sketches Here and There by Aldo Leopold.  I discovered this book in … Continue reading

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