My Favorite Book

"To plant a pine, one need be neither God or a poet: one need only a shovel"  Aldo Leopold

My Favorite book is A Sand County Almanac And Sketches Here and There by Aldo Leopold.  I discovered this book in my "later the average college years."  I was taking a Forestry Class, and it was required reading.  I also had to write a paper on it, I might even have a copy of it around here someplace, probably "upstairs"… as everything I haven’t used in awhile ends up upstairs.  My book, sits in a basket on my Scrap-booking desk, my hard cover version was a thoughtful gift from Jen a number of years ago.   I had an old used paperback copy, that was dog eared and highlighted, with notes in the margin, I must have given that copy to someone else to read.  I did have several copies floating around here at one time, then when I would get a customer at the greenhouse that was a "Reader" I would send them off with my favorite book. But not my hard cover copy, I lend it to no one…a bit selfish perhaps..I guess it must be so.  Somethings I just need near me..just in case..and this book is one of those things.

Leopold was a conservationist, a naturalist and a writer.  His book is written in such a way that you don’t need to read it from start to finish.although I suggest you do.  You can pick up this book and just read a small sketch here and there.  Possibly it could be read aloud, around a campfire, or to a grandchild. I enjoy reading it bits and pieces here and there.  I look at this book, like a visit from an old friend, a wise old friend.

Maybe a book written in the late 1940’s isn’t for you…maybe your carrots have always come in a plastic bag instead of out of the garden covered with a little bit of dirt to make them taste better.  Maybe your heat only comes from a furnace, instead of stored up in a woodpile ready to warm your very soul. Maybe you don’t weep for the wildflowers being annihilated by the four wheeler tracks in the ditches. Leopold says " Maybe you can’t grieve for something you never knew,"  if you never noticed the wildflowers will never miss them:)

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  1. abra la mente says:

    What is beauty to some, is an eyesore or inconvenience to others. I will take the beauty of nature over the manicured neat lawns any day. I also wish we would have the foresight to preserve some of the beauty in each area of the country…not just far away states, but bits and pieces everywhere, so that it is only a short trip to experience it.

    After my trip out west, where I had time to stop and smell the flowers, I realized how much I miss when I don’t slow down.

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